1, 2, FREE Design Resources

1, 2, FREE Design Resources

Everybody loves free stuff! That’s why we’ve gathered our favorite FREE design resources to share. You too can learn and enhance your designer lifestyle.


When starting a new project or preparing a completed project for production, there are many steps one should take to ensure a smooth transition from raw files to a finished piece. Running spell check and checking the color space are both important to prep a file for print. Making sure your file is sized appropriately with accurate bleeds and margins is also an important part of the process.

Designer Toolbox is a great resource to use when looking for spec information for envelopes, folders, postcards and business cards. Templates and die lines can be downloaded, making building and checking file sizes a breeze.


Design is ever changing, and to keep up with the latest tricks and trends, online
tutorials are a must.

Easy to follow and inspiring tutorials can be found on tuts+. Free tutorials on Illustration, 3D & Motion Graphics, Web Design, DIY Crafts and more are all available at this site. Whether your looking to attain a specific skill or hoping to be inspired by trying something new, video tutorials can be an essential aid to staying up-to-speed.


When choosing a font, there are many things to consider. The best place to start is understanding the message you are trying to convey. Is your goal to create something sleek and minimal, or are you going for a fun and funky design? There are typefaces for every occasion, and finding the perfect one can take time. If your fontbook doesn’t hold the ideal font you’re looking for, there are many great online resources to find new and trendy fonts to spark your interest.

Lost Type is a great place to start when gathering inspiration. A variety of fonts from chunky display type to sweet, casual scripts are available for download for a small fee. Font Squirrel is another great resource to use when looking for fonts. With hundreds of fonts to choose from, and all 100% free for commercial use, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Hallie Bolonkin | Production Designer

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