25 things you missed in May

25 things you missed in May

If your May was anything like ours then it was jam packed and full of client deadlines. Or maybe yours was just jam packed, which is enough for us to feel closer to you already. Since we were both too busy in our own worlds, we got some amazing TJA-ers to gather everything missed last month. So let's get to reading!

Our top 5 reads: 

1. Why Jägermeister decided to #SaveTheNight

“The holy grail when you’re a global team is being able to create something that is by definition global, but at the same time delivers against the needs of each market” — Dave Roberts, chief content officer of Jägermeister

2. LEGO Launches Rainbow-Colored Set Celebrating Love and Diversity of the LGBTQIA+ Community

The idea behind the design was born from Ashton’s own personal experiences. He grew up in the ‘80s, when being gay was met with a lot of prejudice. And due to the AIDS crisis, it was a particularly scary time for the entire community. On the LEGO blog, Ashton shares his own experience with coming out in his late teens.” — My Modern Met

3. Why sustainability Needs To Be On Every Retailer’s Agenda Now

As the pandemic subsides and the economy restarts, sustainability could be the ace up a retailer’s sleeve that accelerates business growth.” — The Drum

4. The Endless Letter Web Experience

“This is a story of ordinary people. Soldiers. Wives. Mothers. Children. Fathers. This is a story of millions of families, of those who lived and died during WWII. And most of all — this is a story of love.” — Endless Letter Campaign

5. Burger King Posters Leave ‘Smoke Trails’ Guiding You To Flame-Grilled Burgers

“The out-of-home advertisements come with a QR code that, when scanned via a smartphone camera, prompts an Instagram story filter that leaves AR “smoke trails” to the nearest Burger King.” — Design Taxi

Everything else you may have missed:

6. Dua Lipa Shows Her 'Many Flavors' As Face Of Truly Hard Seltzer

“It's all to show that she's a yoga-loving, bilingual dog mom as well as a pop star, illustrating Truly's message that "No one is just one flavor.” — AdAge

7. Dove brings No Digital Distortion's Body-Positive Message to TikTok

Through June 3, Dove will run sponsored PSAs aimed at imbuing confidence in viewers, along with a #NoDigitalDistortion hashtag challenge that pushes people to celebrate their personal beauty.” — Marketing Dive

8. Bud Light Touts Soccer Sponsorship with Wearable Boxhead Packaging

Bud Light is running a multichannel campaign to tout its sponsorship of the England men's soccer team, introducing beer boxes that fans can wear on their heads. ” — Marketing Dive

9. Diet Coke’s Glistening, Hazy, Very 80s Campaign by Droga5 Radiates Self-Confidence

Armed with a superb troupe of collaborators and applying nostalgia through a shrewdly modern lens, the latest Diet Coke campaign by Droga5 might be one of the brand’s most beautiful yet” — Its Nice That

10. This ‘Euphoric Beverage’ Is a Non Alcoholic Drink That’s Actually Worth Drinking

“The latest Kin euphoric is a smooth blend of lavender-vanilla, birch, and smoked sea salts that liven the spirit and satiate the palate. Lightwave combines Reishi Mushroom, Saffron, L-Tryptophan and Passionflower for a blend engineered to elevate your mood, delight your mind, and energize your body.” — Futurism

11. Netflix Unveils Its First-Ever Luxury Fashion Line With Red Carpet-Ready Looks

“Now, the streaming giant is dipping its toes into the fashion world by collaborating with the American luxury brand for a 10-piece capsule collection inspired by the HALSTON limited series.” — Design Taxi

12. Amazon Makes A Deal To Buy MGM For Nearly $8.5 Billion

Amazon has made a deal to buy Hollywood studio MGM for almost $8.5 billion. It's the second-largest acquisition for the company after purchasing Whole Foods..” — NPR

13. AirBnb Rolls Out New Features As Travel Booms

“They include an “I’m flexible” search function and flexible destinations that one can organize by category, such as treehouses or farms.” — AdAge

14. McDonald's BTS Deal is Here, and it's More Than We Expected

McDonald's is dropping a limited-edition merchandise line Wednesday that is inspired by group's purple colors and fast food chain's logo” — CNN

15. The 'Charlie Bit My Finger' Viral Video Will Leave YouTube And Sell As NFT

Yet another beloved piece of Internet history has been bitten by the NFT bug. The family behind "Charlie Bit My Finger" is auctioning off the wildly popular 2007 home video in the form of a nonfungible token, or a NFT, giving the highest bidder a chance to own an original copy.” — NPR

16. Johnny Knoxville’s Last Rodeo

“When he started in this line of work, Knoxville paid little attention to someday growing older. “Half-ass stuntmen don't really think long-term,” he said..”  — GQ

17. The 'Axe Effect' Is Reborn for Gen Z as Pheromones of Joy

The spot elevates the concept of attraction, trading in hordes of mesmerized women for an allure that visibly transcends gender and is more mutual..” — AdWeek

18. Nextdoor Encourages People to Invite Their Neighbors to #WalkWithMe

“Nextdoor is marking the one-year anniversary of Dromgoole’s post by teaming up with him on a nationwide campaign that encourages people to post #WalkWithMe in order to invite their neighbors to build more inclusive, welcoming communities.” — AdWeek

19. Purejuana Makes Creating Your Own Cannabis Cocktails Easy

“Today Lively Spirits is releasing a product that takes things a bit further, purejuana, a product the company claims is “America’s first dry spirit brand.” Forbes

20. Snapchat Gets Augmented Reality Legos You Can Build With a Friend

Snapchat is introducing a new type of augmented reality lens, called “Connected Lenses,” which allows Snapchat users to connect and enjoy an AR experience or game together — even if they’re not in the same physical space.” — The Verge

21. Google’s New Tool Will Identify Skin Conditions — What Will People Do With That Information?

Google’s dermatology tool is designed to let people upload three photos of a skin issue and answer questions about symptoms. Then, it offers a list of possible conditions that the artificial intelligence-driven system thinks are the best matches.” — The Verge

22. Researchers Are Using Machine Learning to Screen for Autism in Children

Researchers at Duke University are using Machine Learning on AWS to create a faster, less expensive, more reliable, and more accessible system to screen children early for ASD.” — Ads of the World

23. Spotify is Kicking Off an Accelerator Program for Small, Indie artists

“The first "class" of the program has four artists, and they'll get access to various kinds of support, including a collab with a producer, exposure in Spotify's marketing and personalized master classes, and mentorship, Spotify said. ” — CNet

24. Billie Eilish Breaks Instagram Record for Second Time with British Vogue Cover

Eilish’s Instagram post of the cover has broken the record for being the photo on the platform to reach 1million likes the fastest. She achieved the milestone in under six minutes. It is currently at over 15.5million likes at the time of writing.” — NME

25. Goodbye Picture Perfect Ads, Hello Moldy Burgers: What We Can Learn From Burger King's Digital Marketing Strategy

Instead of showing delectable photos of their food at its best, the campaign featured images of moldy burgers. The goal was to show that their products are real, in comparison to McDonald’s, whose food is famous for (supposedly) never getting moldy.” — Entrepreneur

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