25 things you missed in August

25 things you missed in August

You ready to get weird? This month's roundup of the top (mostly) industry-related news on our monitors runs the gamut. From Tesla's humanoid robots to skateboard decks with Tony Hawk's blood in them (yikes), August feels like a hot, sticky fever dream. Jump in, the quagmire's fine!

Our top 5 reads: 

1. Adidas Did a Sneaker Collab With (checks notes) Ned Flanders

The new Adidas x Flanders collab (it felt as strange to type as it was for you to read it) will be available beginning on October 3, the 30th anniversary of the Season 3 episode, for $130. — avclub

2. Elon Musk Says Tesla Will Build a Humanoid Robot Prototype by Next Year

“The Tesla Bot is an example of Musk’s showmanship, in which he announces that Tesla is working on exciting products scheduled for years into the future to energize backers including employees, customers, and investors.” — CNBC

3. Airbnb Is Putting Up 20,000 Afghan Refugees In Temporary Lodging

“Formerly all in for travel experiences, Airbnb is stepping up amid a crisis in Afghanistan to give refugees a roof over their heads.— DesignTaxi

4. Yes, Pumpkin Spice Is Arriving Earlier Each Year—Driven by Gen Z and Millennial Demand

Extending pumpkin spice’s real estate on the calendar year can’t go on forever, of course. But brands are happily responding to consumers’ out-of-season tastes. — Adweek

5. TikTok Radio Launches On SiriusXM With The App’s Most Viral Songs

“If you’ve always got TikTok tunes stuck in your head but aren’t sure where they come from, this channel will be a “radio version of the platform’s ‘For You’ feed,” the station said. Now, you’ll actually be able to listen to the whole song. — DesignTaxi

Everything else you may have missed:

6. Tony Hawk's Blood Was Mixed Into Liquid Death's Skateboards

Skateboard legend Tony Hawk invested early in Liquid Death, a canned water startup with a punk rock attitude, became an ambassador and even “sold his soul” to the company in a contract that runs “to the ends of the Earth and for the rest of time, including any applicable afterlife, reincarnation or similar post-mortal existence.” — Adweek

7. OkCupid Launches an Expansive Campaign for Almost Every Single Kind of Dater

Agency Mekanism continues its run with the brand, showcasing its newest “For Every Single Person” campaign, which celebrates the app’s inclusion-minded functions and goes up in three major cities next week. — Adweek

8. Ikea Releases Limited-Edition Candle That Smells Like Its Famous Swedish Meatballs

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its Family Program, Ikea worked with creative agency Ogilvy to launch the limited-edition Huvudroll candle, which smells like the meatballs that customers can (and often do) enjoy inside the store.” — Adweek

9. Oscar Mayer Teams with Lyft to Convert Wienermobile Into Ride-Hailing Vehicle

Oscar Mayer, the packaged foods brand marketed by Kraft Heinz, is partnering with Lyft to bring its signature Wienermobile into the ride-hailing app's fleet” — Marketing Dive

10. As In-Person Festivals Return, Physical and Virtual Events are Converging

The virtual events that arose during the COVID-19 pandemic aren’t going away anytime soon. Instead, they are merging with their in-person counterparts in a bid to become more accessible and reach an untapped source of attendees. — DigiDay

11. This McDonald’s Billboard Doubles as a Walk-Thru Window Offering McFlurries

Drive-thru ordering surged during the Covid-19 pandemic when indoor dining was closed, but now that people can get out and about again, McDonald’s has found a new way to catch hungry customers in their tracks. — Adweek

12. OnlyFans Drops Planned Porn Ban, Will Continue to Allow Sexually Explicit Content

OnlyFans dropped plans to ban pornography from its service, less than a week after the U.K. content-creator subscription site had announced the change citing the need to comply with policies of banking partners. — Variety

13. Warheads Launches Sour Hard Seltzers For Peak 90s Nostalgia With A Buzz

“Warheads’ parent company, Impact Confections, partnered with Artisanal Brew Works – a brewery based in Saratoga Springs, New York—to concoct five oh-so-sour seltzer flavors. — DesignTaxi

14. The Pandemic Pet Ownership Boom Has Cat and Dog Brands Slobbering

“The most ambitious of us brought new pets into our homes during the pandemic, and it’s vastly expanded the addressable market for advertisers in the pet arena.” — The Trade Desk

15. Reese's Puffs Turns Cereal Boxes Into AR Synthesizers

Reese's Puffs has released three limited-edition cereal boxes that can be used to make music. — Marketing Dive

16. Amazon Lures Advertisers From Facebook After Apple Privacy Shift

Amazon isn’t the only business benefiting from Facebook’s woes. Brands are turning to social-media influencers as well as traditional channels like broadcast media and direct mail. But it’s hard to avoid Amazon, despite the fact that it controls the customer experience.— Bloomberg

17. From Insta Captions to Blog Posts, AI is Now Crunching Copy for Brands

According to the smart folks over at Emerging Tech Brew, GPT-3 is kind of a big deal. Trained on roughly a trillion words to predict—but not understand—text, it's widely considered to be among the most advanced language models in existence. — Morning Brew

18. Baltimore Spares No One In Hysterical New COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign

Baltimore City’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign is one like no other. In order to encourage city residents to get vaccinated the Baltimore City Health Department put together a series of amusing memes. — Blavity News

19. Apple Releases Crash Course On How To Snap Engaging Portraits On iPhone

In the latest Today at Apple video, NYC portrait photographer Mark Clennon and Apple Creative Pro Jahmyra reveal how to put it to excellent use, whether you’re carrying the latest iPhone or not. — DesignTAXI

20. Fashion and Beauty Brands Get in on Viral #BamaRush TikTok Trend

For University of Alabama sorority hopefuls, local fashion boutique The Pants Store has long been known as a go-to for rush dresses. Thanks to the viral #BamaRush TikTok trend, the rest of the country now knows this, too. — Glossy

21. Taco Bell's Breaking Ground on a Futuristic Restaurant with 4 Drive-Thru Lanes

The new space will soon be under construction in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. It will be a 3,000 square foot, two-story structure with four drive-thru lanes and a focus on improving the drive-thru experience.— Thrillist

22. Eyeglass Retailer Warby Parker in IPO Filing Reveals Rising Sales—But Also Widening Losses

“The retailer, which is best known for selling lower-priced, fashion-forward prescription glasses, is preparing to debut on Wall Street. It said in January it had confidentially filed for a stock market listing in the U.S.” — CNBC

23. This $110 T-shirt Sucks Carbon Dioxide From the Atmosphere

“The hope is that the fashion industry can replace carbon black with black algae at scale, thus reducing the sector’s enormous carbon footprint.— Fast Company

24. Here’s How Much Social Media Influencers are Being Paid

These influencers are well over 1 million in reach and sure enough are expecting $10,000+ in true compensation for their efforts despite what their previously stated minimums were. — AZ Big Media

25. China Sets Three Hour Limit for Kids Playing Online Video Games

“Beginning September 1, video game companies like NetEase and Tencent are required to limit online gaming to just three hours per week for minors, according to new rules imposed by Chinese regulators.— IGN

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