25 Things You Missed in July

25 Things You Missed in July

And just like that it's August. We're more than halfway through 2021, and like the rest of us, brands seem to be stuck between two worlds — COVID recovery and "what's next." While there's no crystal ball, July brought innovation and anticipation for the future. We've compiled the top 25 most important highlights from July. Let's get to it!

Our top 5 reads: 

1. Peloton Is Going Into Video Gaming for Exercise Bikes To Give Your HP a Boost

Peloton said users would be able to choose from a number of different levels based on specific playlists, workout types and lengths, with each level having difficulties ranging from beginner to expert.— DesignTaxi

2. Victoria’s Secret Details Comeback Plan After L Brands Split, Admits It Lost Relevance With Women

“While Victoria’s Secret is still a dominant player in the lingerie category, it has lost touch in recent years with many female shoppers who prefer to buy from body-inclusive bra lines such as American Eagle’s Aerie, Cuup and ThirdLove.” — CNBC

3. This Ingenious Oreo Packaging Makes It Easy To Hide Your Cookies From Your Kids

This year, it will be easier for them to get involved: During the 2020/2021 Summer Olympics, for the first time, athletes are allowed to work with brands that aren’t official sponsors of the event. — Fast Company

4. The Problem That Simone Biles Just Laid Bare

“What Biles' withdrawal highlights is the yawning gap between how we think about and treat physical illness versus mental illness. And our ongoing -- and demonstrably false -- belief that the two are not interrelated.” — CNN

5. You Can Actually Swim in This Adidas Billboard

Women were invited to swim in a billboard last month at one of Dubai's most popular beaches, in an outdoor stunt for Adidas, promoting its new inclusive swimwear collection for women. — AdAge

Everything else you may have missed:

6. Why Sha'Carri Richardson Could Be More Valuable To Sponsors After Her Failed Drug Test

Sports business experts told Yahoo Sports that, counterintuitive as it may seem, Richardson is actually more marketable today than she was a week ago because her name recognition has skyrocketed, the attention has been mostly sympathetic and marijuana use no longer carries the stigma that it once did.— Yahoo Sports

7. Doritos Offers $20,000 Reward For Rare ‘Puffy’ Chip Sold On eBay

“The person who discovered it, a 13-year-old named Rylee Stuart, thought the chip was too special to eat. So, with the encouragement of TikTok users, she did the next best thing: she put up the one-bite morsel on eBay. — TAXI

8. Why Brand Mascots Are Stellar Storytellers For Content Marketing

“Ever notice how many of the world’s most recognizable brands have a mascot? Figures like the yellow raincoat-clad Morton Salt girl and Mr. Clean, in his pristine, white T-shirt.” — Springboard

9. One Rule Has Stopped Most Brands From Working With Athletes During The Olympics. That Just Changed.

“This year, it will be easier for them to get involved: During the 2020/2021 Summer Olympics, for the first time, athletes are allowed to work with brands that aren’t official sponsors of the event.” — Morning Brew

10. How Vaccine Access Shifted The Events Scene in Phoenix

Increased access to Covid-19 vaccines has led to a surge in the percentage of Americans who are comfortable returning to live events. — Bizjournals

11. Streaming TV May Be Seeing a COVID-19 Slowdown

The number of U.S. homes taking out a new subscription dropped to 3.9% in the April-June 2021 period, down from 12.9% in the same period a year ago, finds Kantar Entertainment on Demand data.—  USA Today

12. Airheads Debuts Chicken Sandwich With Candy Buns for a Sweet & Savory Mix

“Unlike other chicken sandwiches on the market, the Airheads Candy Chicken Sandy has buns made entirely out of Airheads Xtremes – strips of rainbow-colored candy coated in sour sugar.” — TAXI

13. 79% of Americans Have Bought Used Clothes, With Millennials Leading the Way

“With the rise of fast fashion—a term coined in the 1990s to describe an industry shift toward cheaper, more disposable clothing—reusing, repurposing and reselling clothing has gained popularity among environmental activists and proponents of sustainability.—  Adweek

14. Cleveland Changing Name From Indians to Guardians After 2021 Season

Cleveland's new name was inspired by the large landmark stone edifices -- referred to as traffic guardians -- that flank both ends of the Hope Memorial Bridge, which connects downtown to Ohio City. — ESPN

15. Are We Approaching the Death of the Hotel Lobby?

“With more and more hotels being forced to make hotel check-in contactless through QR codes, key cards, and iPads, the hotel lobby is poised for some big changes. — Architectural Digest

16. Visa Rebrand Leverages 60 Years of Equity and Prepares for Cashless Society

Visa is preparing for the future digital economy with a brand refresh and global marketing campaign spearheaded by Wieden+Kennedy.— The Drum

17. This NYC Hotel Room Is Basically a 'Trophy Case' — and You Can Win an All-expenses Paid Trip There

Hotels.com is on a mission to turn a couple of losers into real winners. In July, the company announced it is giving away a stay at its "No Trophy Case" suite in New York City to any fan of a losing NBA team this month.” — Travel and Leisure

18. CBRE: U.S. Lodging Demand Will Return to Pre-Pandemic Levels by Q4 2023

The strength in U.S. lodging demand will support pricing, but occupancy gains will be somewhat offset by new supply, as fewer development and conversion projects were sidelined than previously forecasted.Lodging

19. Warby Parker Rolls Out Free Virtual Vision Test to Get Your Eyes Checked at Home

An update to its existing Prescription Check tool, the app-based Warby Parker Virtual Vision Test app relies on Apple’s profound AI Vision Framework to read distances and bring eye charts to your living space.” — TAXI

20. Long John Silver’s Hooks in Plant-Based Seafood to Test Fish-Free Menu

“Not to be outswam, Long John Silver’s has reeled in an alliance with vegan seafood startup Good Catch to trial two proteins: Plant-Based Breaded Fish-Free Fillet and a Plant-Based Breaded Crab-Free Cake.” — TAXI

21. Twitter is Testing Upvote and Downvote Buttons on Tweets

Twitter is working on new upvote and downvote reactions for tweets to accompany the usual options to retweet and reply. Twitter confirmed it was testing the feature for a small group of users on iOS, and it’s already been spotted according to multiple tweets from users that are part of the test group. — The Verge

22. Netflix To Make Video Games Free for Subscribers of Its Streaming Platform

“The streaming giant says that it will first focus on “games for mobile devices.” They’ll also be free for existing subscribers” — TAXI

23. Tierra Sol Is For Plant Killers That Are (Still) Plant Lovers at Heart

“The story being short is about this couple being plant killers, they got tired of this situation and decided to put an end to this, they started to make tons of research to avoid this from happening again.” — PRINT

24. Technological Nostalgia: Celebrating the Forgotten Art of Mobile Phone Wallpapers

“A growing archive that has been collated into a publication, the project sees Adam collecting old mobile phone graphics, the kind you used to find at the back of magazines and which could be used as mobile phone wallpapers or sent to friends via text message before MMS became a thing.” — Its Nice That

25. Breaking Down Anheuser-Busch’s “Biggest Beer Giveaway in History”

Last month, Anheuser-Busch trumpeted its plans to give away beer once 70% of American adults are (at least partially) vaccinated, a goal it hoped the country would meet in time for July 4 celebrations. — MarektingBrew

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