25 things you missed in June

25 things you missed in June

Can you believe it's July already? We can’t! As summer continues to crush the calendar, we woke up today and chose to reminisce. In doing so, we found some of our favorite things that happened in June that we think you’ll enjoy too. Grab your favorite furry friend, a cup of joe and let's get to reading.

Our top 5 reads: 

1. Ryan Reynolds' Father's Day Creation for Aviation Gin Is 'The Vasectomy'

“A relatively simple drink made with tonic, cranberry and gin—plus a big ol’ squeeze of lemon, of course—the drink seems to have some not-so-subtle significance for Reynolds and any other dads feeling a bit exasperated by it all.” — Adweek

2. Several E.U. Countries Launch Digital COVID Certificates for Travelers

“Seven countries in Europe—Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, and Poland—launched the first digital Digital Green Certificates for travelers, including vaccinated Americans.” — Conde Nast Traveler

3. Coca-Cola shares Drop $5 Billion After Cristiano Ronaldo's Gesture to Drink Water

Cristiano Ronaldo’s gesture for people to drink water instead of Coke at a Euro 2020 press conference may have cost the soda company $4 billion in market value. — USA Today

4. IKEA Celebrates LGBTQ+ Spectrum With Couch Designs Embodying 10 Pride Flags 

“The Love Seats serve as a platform upon which members and allies of the 2SLGBTQ+ community can feel safe to share their love stories with the world—whether those stories are about self-love, romantic love, family love, chosen love, or community love.” — IKEA Canada

5. These Clever Billboards Are at Dog-Eye Level to Promote Jinx's First Deal With Target

“Jinx, in fact, is going DTD—direct to dog—with mini-billboards placed at animal eye-level and perfumed especially for sensitive noses. The “barkboards” will be scented with a nontoxic “amino acid-based composition that encourages pups to sniff and engage.”  — Adweek

Everything else you may have missed:

6. Juul to Pay North Carolina $40 mln Over Claims it Targeted Youth

June 28 (Reuters) - E-cigarette maker Juul Labs Inc has agreed to pay $40 million to North Carolina to settle a lawsuit by the state accusing it of marketing its products to minors. — Reuters

7. This Unusual Cafe In Russia Will Make You Feel Like You Stepped Into A Cartoon

“This is a pretty unique café that stands out from your regular coffee shop because the entire premise of the place is the fact that it’s a 2D café. In a way, anyone who enters the coffee shop is trapped between the real world and cartoons.” — Designyoutrust

8. How the Huge Influence of BTS Brings Attention to Brands

“In the past three months alone, BTS have been covered in more than 65k articles, and those articles have amassed more than 35 million engagements in that time.” NEWSWHIP

9. 7 Reasons Marketers Should Be Optimistic as Post-Pandemic Recovery Begins

“While excitement may be a bit more nuanced for some of the shopping public, the current confluence of events and opportunities should make marketers among the most optimistic demographic.”Adweek

10. Bumble Closes its Offices for a Week to Give Employees a Stress Break

Bumble has closed its offices for the week to give its employees a stress break before a predicted surge in dating app use post-pandemic.” — BizJournal

11. Miller Lite and New Balance Father's Day Collaboration Gives Dad a Sneaker for His Beer

To celebrate the dads, Miller Lite and New Balance teamed to create that one thing every beer-loving, white-sneaker-wearing father needs, but doesn’t yet know they want: the Shoezie..” Adweek

12. Free Samples with Your Curbside Groceries: How Brands are Wooing Walmart’s Online Shoppers

“Add sampling to the list of pandemic-related changes that may stick. As more grocery shoppers use curbside pickup and delivery, consumer packaged goods companies have had to experiment with new ways to get their products in front of people.” CNBC

13. The Role of the Sketchbook in Creative Work

“They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but if you really want to get to know someone, especially someone who works in the creative industries, probably the best way is to take a peek through their sketchbook.” Creative Review

14. Hotel Brands Balance Emotional Appeals, Marketing Innovation as Travel Spigots Turn Back on

Messaging draws a deeper emotional bond to travel for viewers, while activations appear in the types of digital- and mobile-first environments that a wider range of people have adopted over the past 15 months.“Marketing Dive

15. Skittles Uses Its Rainbow to Colorize Images of LGBTQ+ History for the First Time

The lives of LGBTQ+ people have often been overlooked in history. Skittles is trying to remedy this by diving into the archives and shining a spotlight on historic LGBTQ+ moments.“Adweek

16. Communicators are Measuring their Work More Frequently, and Using the Data More Strategically

When it comes to assessing the effectiveness of their work, communicators are much more satisfied with their work than they were in 2020.”Ragan

17. Snapchat Snags Musical Rights to All of Universal Music Group's Artists

“Snapchat has struck another large music partnership, this one with Universal Music Group, bringing the entire catalog from the studio to users of the messaging app.” AdAge

18. Looking Ahead to 2022, SXSW Is Drawing on the Lessons of the Pandemic Years

With more time to plan this time around, SXSW director of special projects Brad Spies said the team is hoping for a much more robust virtual reality experience in 2022.” — Adweek

19. #032 PATENT DROP - Shopify, Microsoft & Google

The combination of augmented reality, machine learning and a hyper-competitive e-commerce space, will push one company to nail the problem of ordering correctly fitted clothing online.”Patent Drop

20.  Victoria’s Secret Seeks Redemption By Replacing Angels With ‘What Women Want’

“According to a report by the New York Times, Victoria’s Secret has ditched its Fantasy Bra and, more importantly, its winged Angels for “what women want.” The brand says it now wants to be a role model for female empowerment.DesignTaxi

21. Ntwrk's Shopping Festivals Highlight the Potential of Livestream Commerce

Consumer brands have an opportunity to participate in these live events by selling one-of-a-kind products valued by their biggest fans.” — Marketing Dive

22. The Risky Thinking that Will Define the Post-Covid Consumer: Wharton Psychology Guru

“Meet the consumer where they want to be met, and understand that each consumer is not motivated by the same set of preferences.”CNBC

23. New Styling Tools in Adobe XD: Inner Shadow, Outline Stroke, and Angular Gradient

We’re introducing a few new styling tools that will help you create beautiful and more complex designs and explore new trends in UI design.” Adobe Blog

24. General Mills Solves Birthday Cake Conundrum With Covid-19 Safe Candle

As the Covid-19 pandemic engenders a massive reassessment of hygiene practices, the tradition of blowing out birthday candles is coming under long-overdue scrutiny due to its risk of spreading germs.” — Adweek

25. Pinterest Introduces Shopping List Feature

The platform introduced Shopping List, which lets users save their product pins in one place and receive price drop notifications.— Adweek

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