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Influencer marketing: what’s the hype?
Influencers generate a lot of buzz, and not just among their fan base. Marketing professionals have debated the merits and drawbacks of working with people who have a high follower count for as long as the concept of influencer marketing has existed. We even chimed in with an article giving you tips on deciding if influencer marketing is right for you.

Trust is a commodity.
Here’s what organizations get out of teaming up with well-known personalities: a bridge between their business and the trust of an ideal audience. Everyone who follows an influencer is trusting them to be cool, inspiring, give good recommendations, etc. When a business effectively selects someone who speaks directly to the wants and needs of their target audience, they are humanizing their brand, making it relatable and grabbing the attention of a group of people they want to be noticed by.

But remember: not all influencers are created equal, and it’s not all about follower count. An account with a smaller audience that’s more aligned with your industry can serve you better than exposure to millions of followers who don’t care. Make sure you do a thorough vetting process and have clear goals of what you want to get out of a collaboration.

The numbers speak for themselves.
TJA’s Pismo Beach hospitality client, The Cliffs Hotel + Spa, is a gorgeous destination—making it a prime spot for some influencer marketing. After researching influencers in California who met the qualifications of eliciting healthy engagement, high-quality photography and family-oriented content. We selected @toni_marianna for a weekend takeover. She highlighted the best of the hotel through posts and stories, and generated engagement for @thecliffshotelandspa account, too:

2,200+ Likes.
+79 New followers.

Not too shabby for a weekend’s worth of photos.

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