ProCopy Office Solutions

Office life falls into unnecessary turmoil when technology takes a nasty turn. No one knows that better than ProCopy Office Solutions, a company that sells and services printers, copiers and software solutions to businesses throughout Arizona. We helped ProCopy develop a campaign that encapsulates that turmoil and inspired offices everywhere to “Calm The Chaos.” We made the madness a reality by combining memorable messaging with real chainsaws and destroying office equipment that had seen better days.

The result was a brand new identity, marketing collateral, web presence and creative work that sets ProCopy apart in an industry known for ho-hum marketing.

“We are so happy with our new look and new materials. We challenged The James Agency to step outside of the normal business world and create something we could have some fun with, and that people will remember,” said ProCopy President Mike McGuirk. “I am pretty confident we are the only company in the industry with our sales reps’ pictures on their business cards from inside a copier.”


ProCopy Office Solutions


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