Spinato’s Pizzeria Rebrand

TJA’s much-loved and long-held F+B client, Spinato’s Pizzeria, is a Phoenix favorite. Family owned and operated, they’re well known for their classic flavors and innovative recipes (re: the spaghetti calzone). The brand has historically focused on the Spinato’s family, but with the opening of their new Tempe location, they realized their business needed to evolve into a brand a younger demographic could grow into.

TJA reimagined the aesthetic of their brand while retaining the best of what worked. A lighter, brighter, cleaner look was put into play. Focusing on ingredient-driven imagery, messaging and design, the new brand showcased the craft and attention to detail that goes into every plate. Utilizing TJA’s services across the board, the new brand (and the new location) launched with great success.


Spinato’s Pizzeria Rebrand




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