15 things you missed in December

Well, December flew by… and somehow, 2021 went even faster. So while we look ahead at 2022 and get to work on our New Year’s resolutions, let’s take a moment to reminisce on December’s light-speed goodness. From botoxing camels for a beauty pageant (yes, seriously), to hearing “couch guy” speak out for the first time, December wrapped up 2021 with a bow made of wacky marketing news. Lucky for you, we’re here to share it.

Our top 5 reads: 

1. How Duolingo is using its ‘unhinged content’ with Duo the Owl to make people laugh on TikTok

“Duo’s antics have humanized the brand, giving a face to Duolingo on TikTok and ultimately caught the attention of NBC News, Insider and even Rolling Stone magazine.” – Digiday

2. The Home Alone house is on Airbnb for one night only this holiday season

“The guests will also get to set boobytraps in the house, look after Buzz’s pet tarantula, watch the new Disney Plus film Home Sweet Home Alone and receive a Lego Ideas Home Alone house set to take home.” – CNet

3. Saudi camel beauty pageant cracks down on cosmetic enhancements

“Twenty-seven contestants in the cup for Majaheim camels alone were disqualified for having stretched body parts and 16 were ejected for having received injections, according to SPA.” – BBC News

4. I’m the TikTok Couch Guy. Here’s What It Was Like Being Investigated on the Internet.

“While the Couch Guy meme was lighthearted on its surface, it turned menacing as TikTok users obsessively invaded the lives of Lauren, our friends, and me-people with no previous desire for internet fame, let alone infamy. Would-be sleuths conducted what Trevor Noah jokingly called “the most intense forensic investigation since the Kennedy assassination.”” – Slate

5. Netflix Making Movie About Grandma Who Accidentally Invited a Stranger to Thanksgiving Dinner (EXCLUSIVE)

“‘The Thanksgiving Text’ will recount the true tale that began in 2016, when Wanda Dench thought she was texting her grandson to check if he would be coming over for Turkey Day. Apparently, she had the wrong cell phone number.” – Variety

Everything else you may have missed:

6. Google – Year In Search 2021

“In a year that continued to test many, the world searched ‘how to heal’ more than ever. ” – YouTube

7. Study Reveals a Significant Racial Pay Gap in Influencer Marketing

“Along with action, transparency will be another vital part for brands and agencies to help solve the pay gap as it can start by having open conversations about it.” – Adweek

8. Twitter Tests New Creative Tweet Options as it Looks to Move In-Line with User Trends

“No one cared much about Fleets, Twitter’s take on the social stories trend, but as part of its announcement when it shut down the option back in July, Twitter did note that it would be looking to incorporate Fleets elements in other areas of the app, which has already seen the addition of new camera options and editing tools.” – Social Media Today

9. Ikea shoppers and staff snowed in at Denmark store spend night in showroom beds

“Six customers and about two dozen employees were left stranded and spent the night in the Ikea store, sleeping in the beds that are usually on show.” – Sky News

10. Why Pantone Created a Whole New Color for the 2022 Color of the Year

“According to the institute, creating a new color for 2022 was itself symbolic of the changes taking place in the world right now, following an intense period of isolation and uncertainty.” – Time

11. McDonald’s Gifts the Official Mariah Menu Ad and Limited Merch Line

“While previous Famous Order ads have been pretty simple, featuring solely the artist (or artists, in BTS’ case) talking through their customized meal, Carey’s spot is a holiday celebration complete with background dancers and a Vegas-style stage. ” – Adweek

12. Starting a Business? Use This Old-School Tactic to Jump-Start Your Brand

“I’m not a branding expert. But as a founder I need to be involved in decisions around how we want to portray ourselves as a company to ensure the vision stays true to why I started it in the first place.” – INC.

13. Intelligence: The Analogue Experience

“Tactile and understandable tech products are providing an alternative for consumers who feel overwhelmed by an increasingly digital future.” – WGSN

14. In This Tearful Chevrolet Ad, a Grieving Family Restores More Than a Car

“For ‘Holiday Ride,’ the brand collaborated with agency Commonwealth//McCann to bring the story to life-along with the help of director Tom Hopper, cinematographer Claudio Miranda and composer Rachel Portman.” – Adweek

15. Chanel’s Advent Calendar Is a (PR) Nightmare Before Christmas

“Like many beauty and luxury brands before them, it decided to take advantage of this opportunity for long-term, interactive engagement with an $825 entry based on the iconic Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle-an item like that is basically purpose-built for social media virality. ” – Adweek


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