15 things you missed in November

Santa Claus may not be coming to town due to Kris Kringle shortages, but we have a metric ton of goodies for you. Between French fry-flavored vodka, anti-orange juice toothpaste and a Reese’s Cup the size of a f*cking pie, there’s a lot of marketing news to bite down on. And don’t worry-even if Noodle the Pug is truly canceled, these tidbits can help you keep today from slipping into No Bones Day territory:

Our top 5 reads: 

1. Sick of Orange Juice That Tastes Like Dirty Pennies? Tropicana Toothpaste May Be the Solution

“While most of society’s intractable problems still await solutions, Americans will no doubt rejoice over the news that Tropicana has this particular worriment nailed: The folks at the PepsiCo-owned juice giant are getting into the toothpaste business.” Adweek

2. Noodle the Pug Is Officially Canceled

“It’s Noodle’s appearance with Graziano on The Today Show that has really cemented his status as pop culture icon – and also indicates that we may be reaching a Noodle saturation point.”  Rolling Stones

3. Santa Claus May Not Be Coming to Town This Year Amid Hired Santa Shortage

“There are an estimated 10-15% fewer Santas this year compared to last year for several reasons, according to Hire Santa.” Fox 10 Phoenix

4. The top 25% most active Twitter users produce 97% of all tweets, while most of us just lurk

“It turns out that the loudest voices on the platform are lonelier out there than you might think.”Fast Company

5. On the Quest for Virality, Brands Fall Short When They Change Their Voice to Get Likes

“Brands are on Twitter to connect with new and potential customers and show how it can benefit their lives, not go to war with other brands.” Adweek

Everything else you may have missed:

6. Social Media Comes for QVC

“Tech firms have spent years building algorithms to get people to click on ads, but now they’re finding that the real purchasing power on social media lies in live product reviews from people users trust.” Axios

7. Gucci Sends Out First Curve Runway Models Since Its Founding A Century Ago

“This was the first time in history that the fashion house had enlisted curve models to walk its runway”Design Taxi

8. Hootsuite Reveals 2022’s Major Social Media Trends

“Today, we’re all listening and adapting at lightning speed as digital communities become more central to consumers’ lives and brands are being held to higher standards.” Hootsuite

9. Arby’s Is Making 80-Proof Curly & Crinkle Fries-Flavored Vodka Now

“Arby’s is entering the booze scene with the debut of two French fry-flavored vodkas, modeled after its famed Curly Fries and newly-released Crinkle-Cut Fries.” – Thrillist

10. Reese’s Made a Pie-Size Peanut Butter Cup for Thanksgiving

“Reese’s made a really big peanut butter cup for Thanksgiving: 9 inches in diameter, the pie-size product is 3.4 pounds of chocolate and peanut butter.” Adweek

11. LA’s Staples Center will be renamed ‘Crypto.com Arena’

“The cryptocurrency exchange paid more than $700 million for 20-year naming rights, according to the LA Times, making it one of the largest such deals ever.” The Verge

12. Papa Johns Unveils Major Rebrand Honoring Pizza Instead Of Problematic Founder

“The brand removed the possessive apostrophe, possibly suggesting that it’s no longer under Schnatter’s control.” – Design Taxi

13. This cult teen brand is quitting social media amid growing safety concerns

“The company [Lush] made a similar attempt with its UK accounts in 2019 saying ‘It was tired of fighting with algorithms’ and wanted to talk directly with its customers.” – CNN Business

14. Catherine O’Hara Loses Kevin (Hart) in Chase’s Home Alone Throwback Holiday Ad

“Chase Freedom Unlimited is getting into the spirit of the season with a new campaign that Home Alone fans may appreciate.” – Adweek

15. What Peloton’s Growing Pains Mean For At-Home Fitness

“Right now, experts seem to think connected fitness is headed down the same post-pandemic path as remote work. As life returns to normal, consumers will likely adopt a hybrid of going to the gym and working out at home when it’s most convenient.” – The Verge


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