Rules for Social Media

3 Golden Rules for Social Media

Is social media a successful marketing tool?

You could read 100 different articles on this subject and many would have conflicting views. Some believe social media is an absolute must. Others suggest that it’s not the most successful means of advertising. Whatever your opinion, I can’t help but appreciate Greg Shugar’s recent article in Entrepreneur. He states,

The constant noise of advertising (yes, social-media marketing is advertising despite its “marketing” name) is causing people to tune out the marketing messages. Some do it consciously (unfollowing a company) and some do it subconsciously (scrolling quickly past the message). Social-media marketing, in my uncalculated/speculative opinion, is becoming like print advertising in newspapers — we all just look right past it.

As a Digital Content Strategist, I half way agree with him. Obviously, I believe in the power of using social media to build brand awareness and connect with your fans. BUT, I do know that we have to be conscious of our messaging and careful not to be too salesy. After all, it is called SOCIAL media (with an emphasis on being social).

I suggest utilizing the 3 Golden Rules of Social Media Marketing. If you do these things, you’ll provide content that people actually care about and find valuable. It will keep them coming back for more. And really, that’s the goal for any business.

So, now I’m curious. What’s your take on social media marketing? Do you think it’s the end-all-be-all of new age advertising?

– Melissa McCarty, Digital Content Strategist


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Rules for Social Media

Veronique James


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