April Marketing Munchies

Check out some of the most recent and trending marketing, advertising and social media news in the industry! 

6 Branding Mistakes Undermining Your Company’s Image

Branding is key when it comes to your company. Get ahead of the game and ensure you are building a sustainable brand. Karla Cook’s article addresses how inconsistency and design trends, if not played well, can lead to a brand flop. Stay alert and avoid making these mistakes.

21 Fascinating Persuasion Techniques For Conversion Optimization

The end goal of most businesses and marketers alike is conversion. The ability to persuade someone that you’re worth their time and your product is worth their money is something marketers strive for everyday. In this munchie, Bill Widmer writes about 21 techniques that are offered through psychology to persuade an individual.

What is Mastodon? The New Social Network Vying To Be The Next Twitter

Twitter has some very dedicated followers, but in the past few years, it has definitely seen a stall and even a decline in users. Eugene Rochko took notice and decided to create Mastodon: the anti-Twitter. Will this emerging social network stand a chance at becoming the new and improved Twitter?

Is This New Adobe Tool Bad News For Graphic Designers?

Could Adobe be changing a graphic designer’s workflow? The company recently came out with a new technology called ‘Sky Replace’ and it does exactly what the title says. It replaces a boring sky with filters and graphics, and enhances it where you deem fit. This feature is meant for Creative Cloud users who do not have the time to send their project to a full creative team. Will this change how graphic designers work?

Twitter’s Considering An Advanced Version Of TweetDeck – For A Monthly Fee

If you want more, you’re going to have to pay more. The new TweetDeck would include analytics tracking, trending data, alerts, and more. In his article, Andrew Hutchinson inquires whether the features are worth the cost and how much additional insight would naturally be produced.

Facebook’s Launching A New, Immersive Ad Format Called ‘Collections’

Facebook recently came out with ‘Collections,’ a new type of ad unit. Facebook has stated in the past that video is the new form of advertising and connecting with consumers over the internet. This new ad unit will be in a video format, with related products listed below.

Why Word Count Shouldn’t Drive Your Content Marketing Strategy

In recent years, we have concluded that long-form content provides articles with in-depth information and it is assumed that it drives higher engagement and desired metrics. A report analyzed by John Hall argues this though and the results are thought-provoking. It might be more about quality than quantity when it comes to content marketing.

State Of Email Report: 5 Tips To Build Better Email In 2017

Are you struggling to make your email marketing campaign stand out from other companies? Kayla Lewkowicz, touches on subjects such as what happened in the email world last year and major industry challenges. She slid discusses how to utilize a responsive design to optimize your Gmail, along with many other subjects. Read more for tips on optimizing your email in 2017.

Instagram Announces New Option To Save Live Broadcasts

Live video is the latest and fastest growing medium on social media. With Instagram’s update, users and businesses now have the ability to save their live broadcast to use at a later time, expanding the possibilities.

How Redesigning HubSpot’s Website Doubled Conversion Rates

Austin Knight has a lot to say about how HubSpot was in design debt, and what it did to refactor its site. Increasing conversion in a meaningful way is not an easy task to accomplish, but HubSpot managed it and your business can too. Read about the concepts, kickoffs, and research HubSpot utilized to reach positive results.

Check out some of the most recent and trending marketing, advertising and social media news in the industry!
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