Your brand’s digital presence is more important now than ever before

“I want to be where the people are” I think everybody can relate to The Little Mermaid these days; we all want to be where the people are. Thankfully, conversations surrounding COVID-19 are finally turning toward recovery. However, even as the world reopens, the effects of the quarantine will be lasting and businesses need to […]

The James Agency’s Creative Wins Big with U.S. Travel Association

Ad agency’s ‘Split Decisions’ campaign for client Travel Costa Mesa wins two ESTO awards SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. (August 22, 2019) – A marketing campaign created by hospitality and tourism advertising agency, The James Agency (TJA), was awarded two Destiny Awards at the U.S. Travel Association’s ESTO conference in Austin, Texas this week. The annual awards ceremony […]

PR Pros, Take Note: These are the Best Email Clients for Pitching

Email Clients Blog Header

I think most public relations professionals would agree that there is an art to pitching the media. No, seriously. Google “The Art of PR Pitching,” and you’ll find more than 53 million results. Hell, even we’ve written about the ins and outs of a good pitch. In addition to mastering a concise lede or writing […]

How to make the most of earned media

Maximize Your Earned Media

Our responsibility as PR experts is to get the most eyes on your brand as often as possible. Typically, that means securing interviews and placement in news articles; to leverage our contacts in the media, secure segments with TV producers and make sure you look and sound good for interviews. Earned media coverage is gold. […]

How to Write an Award-Winning Nomination

How to Write an Award-Winning Nomination

Winning an industry or business award is one of the best ways to showcase your company’s achievements, gain recognition, impress potential clients and build team morale, but having great work to nominate is only part of the equation. To receive the recognition you deserve, you’ll also need to craft an award-winning nomination, which is an […]

How to Create A Crisis Communications Plan

Contrary to public opinion, a PR pro’s job is not just schmoozing with the media, hanging out at TV stations and hosting swanky events. Our job often involves preparing clients for the unexpected and providing critical crisis communications counsel. More often than not, it is a high-stress and high-stakes job.   Since the very nature […]

TJA Office Snapshot

The James Agency has a new home, and we love it. A lot. We’re not the only ones: Office Snapshots did a profile on the new TJA HQ, highlighting its open multi-level floor plan, the massage room (our personal favorite) and the thoughtful design that inspires our creative collaboration. Edgy inspirational quotes, pops of orange […]

How to Build A Positive Workplace Culture

Positive Workplace Culture

It’s no secret to any professional that we spend the best hours of our life (at least Monday through Friday) at our place of business. Your colleagues often see you more than your family does, and your office, desk or cube could be considered your primary residence. As a business owner and leader, I never […]