How to Build A Positive Workplace Culture

Get your emails opened and read with an effective subject line! This guide from The James Agency provides step-by-step instructions on how to write the perfect subject line.

It’s no secret to any professional that we spend the best hours of our life (at least Monday through Friday) at our place of business. Your colleagues often see you more than your family does, and your office, desk or cube could be considered your primary residence. As a business owner and leader, I never […]

Media Training 101

The studio’s a little smaller than you imagined, and the lights are much brighter. A nice person with a headset stuffs a battery pack down your shirt and clips the microphone to your collar as you’re directed to sit on a couch. Except, you were expecting a desk chair. How does a person look good […]

Tips for Creating a Memorable Event Space

It’s October, which means that we’re in the full swing of event season and rapidly approaching the busy and event-filled holiday season. Among the seemingly countless special occasions and corporate gatherings, it can be challenging to make your event stand out. While having delicious food and drinks, fun entertainment and a cohesive theme are all […]

Arizona Foothills Best of Our Valley 2018

Voting is now open for Arizona Foothills Magazine’s Best of Our Valley 2018, and we need your help to win! To vote, simply log in using either your Facebook or Google+ account and click on the links below to cast your vote for team TJA. You can vote once a day per category until voting closes on Thursday, November […]

Top Event Planning Tips

Events come in all shapes and sizes, from board meetings to black tie galas and everything in between. No matter the size or occasion, the best events all have the same basic formula. Read on for a list of event planning tips to make your next event a smashing success. Clear Purpose Before you start […]

April Marketing Munchies

Check out some of the most recent and trending marketing, advertising and social media news in the industry!

Check out some of the most recent and trending marketing, advertising and social media news in the industry!  6 Branding Mistakes Undermining Your Company’s Image Branding is key when it comes to your company. Get ahead of the game and ensure you are building a sustainable brand. Karla Cook’s article addresses how inconsistency and design […]

The Importance of Donating to a Nonprofit

At The James Agency we are passionate about giving back to the community, both professionally and personally. Many of us individually volunteer our time after work hours and on the weekends with organizations that are dear to our hearts. But, we also feel it is equally important to give back and make a positive impact […]

5 Public Relations Myths

5 Public Relations Myths

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] We’ve all seen movies and TV shows that depict publicists and make it all seem so easy. Schmooze here, put out a fire there, and have your cell phone surgically implanted. Here are five myths about public relations. Any Press is Good Press This is the most overused public relations stereotype, and the one […]

What our PR Director Learned at the #PRSATravel Conference

What our PR Director Learned at the #PRSATravel Conference

In May, I attended the PRSA 2016 Travel and Tourism conference in Houston on behalf of The James Agency. Industry conferences are always interesting experiences. You can usually count on thought-provoking keynotes, valuable breakout sessions and great networking opportunities, along with conference room cabin fever and an abundance of mediocre banquet food. Thankfully, this conference […]

7 Tips for Tackling Your Client’s TV Segment

Tackling Your Client’s TV Segment

Congratulations, you landed a three-minute segment on a local TV station for your client! Your relentless pitching efforts (and hair pulling) have paid off and now you can sit back, relax and bask in the sweet glow of success. Well, not quite. Don’t get me wrong, securing a TV segment is a big win. However, […]