How to Create the Best Graphics for your Ad

How to Create the Best Graphics for your Ad

One of the things that I’ve always loved about design is the problem-solving aspect. But fitting content into a space is only part of the solution. In this busy world with so much competing for our attention, it’s imperative to create advertisements that are more than just calls to action blaring from a webpage, magazine or billboard. Creating ads that are visually appealing can be the difference between a conversion and being skimmed over. At the end of the day, our goal is to create pieces for our clients that are extensions of their brand promise and build trust for their brand.

Here are some things to keep in mind for creating aesthetically pleasing advertisements:

1. Space & Layout

It’s important to give your eyes a rest between content. Cramming a ton of text onto an ad without giving it the proper breathing room can actually deter your audience from reading even the most awesome messaging. Just like walking into a cluttered room can make you feel uncomfortable and cramped, looking at a cluttered ad can give you a headache. If something’s not necessary, give it the boot.   

2. Color

Color is extremely important to creating and establishing a brand personality because it evokes emotion. Too many colors (or colors in the wrong combinations) can detract from the main message of your campaign. When keeping aesthetics in mind for your designs, choose colors that don’t clash and are in line with your client’s brand. 

3. Fonts

Just like too many colors, too many different fonts can add to that visual clutter that we want to stay away from. Fonts greatly affect the overall tone of an advertisement. Make sure your font pairings are in line with the brand’s message and your target demographic. You wouldn’t put a super scripty font on a billboard for men’s shaving cream. 

Although designing aesthetically appealing graphics is a important to effective advertising, it’s only a part of the recipe for an ad or campaign’s overall success. When combined with a detailed strategy, witty messaging and a whole lotta’ love…watch out! Something totally awesome is about to happen. 

Hanna Burks | Graphic Designer

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