National French Fry Day…basically the best day of the year.

In honor of National French Fry Day, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to go to satisfy your French fry craving.

1. RnR Scottsdale 

The Animal Fries from RnR are an entire meal! You get the best of both worlds…sweet potato and parmesan fries, topped with pulled pork, white cheddar and drizzled with house-made bbq sauce. How could you possibly resist?

2. Don & Charlie’s 

Located in Old Town Scottsdale, Don & Charlie’s is a classic. Their hand cut fries make you feel like you’re eating at the ball park and enjoying your favorite team.

3. In-N-Out

You can NEVER go wrong with In-n-Out fries. Regular or animal style, they will never disappoint.

4. Eegee’s

Eegee’s is a favorite for TJA’s University of Arizona alumni. From classic crinkle cut, to ranch, to pizza…Eegee’s has options for all fry lovers.

5. New York Fries

A Canadian classic. New York Fries is a favorite of TJA’s Canadian senior graphic designer. From what we hear, these are the best fries ever. Guess we’ll have to grab our passports and take a company trip up north to find out for ourselves.

6. The Vig 

Uptown, Arcadia or Fillmore, The Vig has some of the best fries in Phoenix. Pair them with the legendary Vigazz Burger for the perfect meal!

7. The Stand

An Arcadia staple, The Stand not only has some of the best tacos and burgers in town, their house-made fries are out of this world. And don’t forget a side of the special Stand Sauce!

8. Pig & Pickle 

Conveniently located less than five minutes from the TJA office, the duck fat fries at Pig & Pickle are always an option for satisfying our French fry cravings. And the best part…they’re only $5 on their late night menu!

9. Portillo’s 

Because how could you possibly say no to French fries with cheese sauce?!

10. Cornish Pasty Co. 

Hand cut and oven cooked with cracked pepper and sea salt, the Oven Chips from Cornish Pasty Co. are heavenly. And if you’re feeling a little adventurous, add a little garlic or jalapeño for some spice.

11. McDonald’s 

Ahhh…a classic. Take a moment to think back to those happy meals from when you were a kid…or if you’re like some TJAers, the ones you still get. McDonald’s fries are perfect for when you’re feeling a little nostalgic.

12. Cold Beer & Cheeseburgers 

For all you fancy fry eaters out there, the Parmesan Truffle Fries at Cold Beer & Cheeseburgers should be a staple in your diet. You will be amazed at the amount of flavor packed into such a simple dish.

13. Sonic 

Quick and delicious. That’s the best part about these bad boys. Plus, they taste even better when dipped in a milkshake.

14. Rehab Burger Therapy 

For those of you who prefer sweet over salty, you need the sweet potato fries from Rehab Burger in your life!

15. The Grocery Store 

If you’re one of those people that finds comfort in their kitchen, then all you need to do to celebrate National French Fry day is pop these Ore Ida curly fries in your over for a few minutes. Extra crispy or a soft and squishy, you can make them anyway you please.


The TJA Team

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