Our Favorite Projects of 2015

Here at TJA, we are very lucky to have the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing brands and people around the Valley and nationwide. The best part…we have a ton of fun doing it.

Now that we’ve kicked off a new year, we wanted to share some of our favorite projects we had the privilege of working on last year. Enjoy! We can’t wait to share all of the exciting projects we have ahead of us! 

Dallas McLaughlin | Digital Marketing Specialist

Client: Spinato’s Pizzeria

Project/Campaign: PPC Management for Google AdWords and Facebook

Why You Loved It: It was fun and challenging to optimize this account for clicks and impressions in a competitive industry. Even though the company is local, we are competing for pizza delivery searches with national companies like Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, and Domino’s. Competing against national chains with a small budget (in comparison to the national campaigns) is difficult and takes a lot of optimization of bids, ad scheduling, bid adjustments, and micro-management of keywords.

Since there is also a dine-in aspect to Spinato’s, we also took on very broad search phrases like “restaurant in Phoenix”. The challenge with these searches is that the type of food the searcher is interested in is not specified in the search which opens our competition up to every restaurant running PPC in the Valley. This is where we need to be very diligent about managing our keywords and know when and where to cap our bid amounts.

John Blades | Jr. Graphic Designer

Client: eeCPA

Project/Campaign: Logo Redesign, Containment Folder, Sales Brochure

Why You Loved It: It was my first experience at the agency working from the start of engagement with a client. I got to really experience how the ball starts rolling with the creative process as well as the ups and downs of a logo project. It was fun it was challenging, everyone remembers their first time.

Megan Leese | Sr. Web Developer

Client: Capital Place

Project/Campaign: Website

Why You Loved It: Capital Place is an exciting new real estate project in downtown Phoenix. Their responsive website was a great project to work on for beginning to end. In the initial kickoff meeting, we developed a strategy to target and convert the client’s key demographic into leads. Capital Place’s goal is to lease to younger, tech savvy residents wanting to live in the downtown Phoenix area. This demographic allowed us to design a more progressive website with the latest website practices. The Capital Place brand, photography, and bold colors lead to a well-designed website that was my favorite project to develop.

Jennifer Adler | Director of Public Relations

Client: Pei Wei

Project/Campaign: Hunger Action Month Campaign

Why You Loved It: One of my favorite PR projects this past year was partnering with Pei Wei to support its Hunger Action Month campaign. Working with the national restaurant brand to raise awareness for such an important cause was both exciting and rewarding. The TJA PR team recommended a title partnership with St. Mary’s Food Bank and coordinated a donation of more than 600 Kids Wei meals to a Title I elementary school in Phoenix. These efforts not only resulted in an impressive amount of earned media coverage garnering a total of more than 4 million impressions but, more importantly, they funded more than 70,000 meals for Arizonans in need. Seeing the incredible impact this campaign had on the local community and the way the TJA PR team worked together to support it, was a particularly proud moment for me.

Jamie Britton | Sr. Graphic Designer

Client: Spinato’s Pizzeria

Project/Campaign: Pizza Packaging Design

Why You Loved It: It was an entire team effort between working with the client, setting goals, market research (yum), photography, copywriting, and design. We worked on updating and revamping the brand style on previous projects the year prior and then to see the brand on the shelves in grocery stores is always really cool.

Hanna Burks | Graphic Designer

Client: City of Scottsdale

Project/Campaign: Railfair Ads

Why You Loved It: This year, I’ve enjoyed working on City of Scottsdale’s event flyers. With each event, comes a fresh identity and a new opportunity to try something that maybe I haven’t before. I get to explore various typography and illustration styles, choose color palettes, and play with texture. Although not being constrained by brand standards can be somewhat daunting, it also challenges me to think outside the box to create an eye-catching and memorable advertisement for each event.

Shane Tang | Creative Director

Client: Hotel Valley Ho

Project/Campaign: Lifestyle Video

Why You Loved It: It’s always inspiring creating videos using graphics, motion and sound to tell a story in a new way, especially for a client that we’ve been lucky enough to work with for over five years. Watching the growth of a brand first hand, and being immersed in it is something that is very special to our industry. Working on this video allowed for us to retell the story of HVH in a never before seen way.

Amy Aust | PR Representative

Client: Potty Pals

Project/Campaign: Product Launch Public Relations

Why You Loved It: Working with Potty Pals, a new potty training system developed by Mike and Julie Leach, was a fun and rewarding experience. It was exciting to have the opportunity to help introduce a unique new product to the Phoenix market. Having a toddler at home made the project especially relatable to me. TJA executed a media delivery to top local TV stations and publications, specifically targeting members of the media with young children. In addition to traditional media relations, TJA developed a partnership between Potty Pals and local daycare center The Goddard School to serve as a test market for the products. The Goddard School partnership helped Potty Pals connect with parents of potty training children, providing useful product feedback and testimonials. Since a portion of Potty Pals proceeds are donated to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, TJA also worked closely with the PCH Foundation for inclusion in employee and donor newsletters and social media posts. TJA’s public relations efforts resulted in 24 earned media hits and over 5 million impressions, as well as strong community relationships for the Potty Pals brand.

Hallie Bolonkin | Production Manager

Client: Hotel Valley Ho

Project/Campaign: Steelhouse Banner Ad

Why You Loved It: It was really fun to create the illustrations and making them come to life was an exciting change from static banner ads. Plus, living in AZ with the hot summers, I found passion in creating artwork geared towards the fall weather.

Darren Simoes | Art Director 

Client: SanTan Brewing Company 

Project/Campaign: Can Refresh 

Why You Loved It: This project was one step shy of one of my dream projects which is branding a brewery from the ground up. Even though this was a brand re-fresh, it was inspiring to work on on a project within an industry that I have a direct interest in, as well as something that I know would grace the shelves of supermarkets and the hands of my peers.

Darren Simoes | Art Director

Client: The Wing Counter

Project/Campaign: Brand Development  

Why You Loved It: One of the most rewarding design experiences is working with a company or restaurant from the ground up, then seeing them thrive and put out good product. With TWC, it was great to create not only a logo, but help shape the brand attitude and culture.

Darren Simoes | Art Director 

Client: Metal Magic 

Project/Campaign: Christmas Card

Why You Loved It: Creating a deck of playing cards was an amazing experience because we were able to treat this almost as a piece of fine art other than the constraints that they had to be playing cards. Not only was the freedom in design liberating, but being able to work with a company whose bread and butter is foil stamping and embossing was an amazing opportunity to take advantage of integrating fun printing techniques without having to navigate a budget.

The TJA Team


Favorite Projects
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