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5. We Are 44% More Likely to Engage with Visual Content

We connect emotionally to visual content, but it is more than just pretty images. For visual content to be successful, it takes consistent branding, strategy and the right message. Great branded content is instantly recognizable, and in the 13 milliseconds it takes to process we make the decision whether or not we are going to engage. We need to provide value to those we’re reaching with our content, which means making sure our messages are clear. We want our followers to fall in love with our content. Create something that will keep them coming back for more; milk every last drop from your visual content: re-purpose, re-invent, re-imagine.

4. People Share Content on Social Media for Three Reasons:

1. Act of Kindness and Generosity

This is the number one reason people share content on social media. If someone posts an image of their lost puppy on Facebook, we share it in hopes that our act of kindness will help them find the little guy. Now we can’t all just go posting images of puppies to get people to share our content, but we can create emotionally engaging content that our followers feel good about posting.

2. Expression of Self Identity

We share content that is a reflection of ourselves or something that we can relate to. If we read an Elite Daily article about a breakup and then share it to our own Facebook page, it’s most likely because we have experienced something very similar. The same goes for our followers. If we are able to give them something that they can identify with, the content that we spend time creating is much more likely to be shared and create the impact we want it to.

3. As a Symbol of Love and Support

When a friend, family member or someone we care about shares content on social media, it is very likely that we will share it as well. For example, if your little sister decides that she is going to start selling jewelry and the profits benefit fighting hunger in the U.S., you will probably show your support for her new venture by blasting it all over your own social media profiles. We want our followers to do the same. We want to be a brand that they love so that when we post content, they share it because they care.

3. Building Your Social Following is All About Engagement

Ask questions, answer questions, use hashtags (#), seek out others talking about your subject matter and ENGAGE. You can’t expect to build a relationship with your audience and increase your following if you are roboticly posting just to post. Give your brand a personality. Be humorous and witty. It’s ok to make mistakes, but own up to them. Respond to every tweet, comment, review, and message that you receive. The more engaged you are with your followers, the more likely they are to be loyal to your brand and share how awesome you are with their own following.

2. Control Does Not Exist in Social Media

This is one of the hardest things for social media marketers to accept. There is only so much we can control when it comes to our presence and the presence of our clients on the various social media platforms. We can curate and create compelling and visually pleasing content; we can post at the times our analytics tell us our audience is most engaged; we can boost our posts and promote our tweets. But, we have absolutely no control over whether or not our followers actually engage with us or purchase our product or service. We need to stop posting like marketers, and start posting like fans.

1. If You’re Not Going to be Social, Get Out of Social Media

Duh. If you’re not going to be socially active yourself, then why would anyone hire you to be social for them? Practice what you preach.

Emily Wincel | Social Media Strategist


Savvy Social Status
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