Tag Lines 101 – Be Short & Sweet…not Long & Spicy.

Tag Lines 101 – Be Short & Sweet…not Long & Spicy.

Writing tag lines is no simple task. Without supporting copy to hold it all together, they must stand on their own to define a brand’s positioning.. Great tag lines aren’t created overnight. They require thoughtful planning, research and just the right amount of insight. By following these tips, you’ll be better prepared to create unforgettable tag lines.

Understand the Audience + Brand

First and foremost, you must understand your audience. Without a clear understanding of your demographics, you’ll be writing blind. There’s nothing worse than an edgy tag line that’s desperately trying to appeal to soccer moms. It just doesn’t work. Write for your audience and play to the brand’s strengths.

Remember. Short + Sweet

Great tag lines are the ones you can recall. Take a moment to think about the ones that stick to memory. I bet some really good ones just came to mind. Ask yourself, “What makes them memorable?” It’s simple, really. Famous tag lines are catchy, concise and clever. Short and sweet is the name of the game.

Differentiate Yourself.

What differentiates one brand from another? By identifying a brand’s unique selling proposition (USP), you can more easily communicate your message with the right words. For this example, let’s consider domestic light beers. Coors Light claims to be “the world’s most refreshing beer.” Bud Light, on the other hand positions itself as an anytime beer when you’re “up for whatever.” Coors Light clearly defines itself as crisp, light and refreshing, while Bud Light positions itself as a more social beer. Each brand represents a very different experience, regardless of how similar they may be.

Determining the words to represent an entire brand is a difficult task. There are no formulas or rules to writing tag lines. It all starts with a solid understanding of your brand and audience, concise, catchy writing and a clear differentiating factor to set the brand apart. Get brainstorming and sooner or later, you’ll be writing tag lines like a pro.

Wesley Chaderton | Jr. Copywriter

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