TJA’s 2022 Marketing Favorites

From adult Happy Meals to Stranger Things collaborations…what didn’t we love about the marketing world in 2022? As we near the end of the holiday season and prepare to take the world by storm as a top full-service agency in 2023, we’re taking a brief moment to look back at some of our favorite stories of the year. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 

1. Heineken uses its “Closer” campaign to position the brand as the go-to after-work beverage and reinforce its stance on work-life balance 

Heineken invented (and actually launched) the product portrayed in this ad: a bottle opener that connects via Bluetooth to your computer, iPad, etc. and asks if you’d like to shut your device down when it makes contact with the bottle cap. If your boss hasn’t seen this one yet, send it their way.

2. McDonald’s creates a sense of nostalgia for adult children with the Cactus Plant Flea Market Box

Everyone remembers the happiness a red box with two yellow arches brought on as a kid. McDonald’s appealed to its older demographic with larger portions than a normal Happy Meal and a one-of-a-kind McDonald’s collectors toy. 

3. Turkish Airlines steps back in time with pangea 

Morgan Freeman explained how there’s still a force connecting those divided by distance and emphasized that Turkish Airlines connects more people than any other airline. This campaign puts emotional human connection on display and reinforces travel habits after years of lockdown and decreased in-person interaction.

4. Domino’s gives customers a look into Eleven’s mind

This pizza legend launched an app that uses facial recognition technology to order the customer’s go-to preference. A partnership between the two was a simple decision: “Domino’s is amazing. Stranger Things is amazing. We have a lot in common.”

5. Chipotle and the wolves of Wall Street 

Chipotle recently announced a partnership with Flexa, the global leader in pure digital payments, creating the option for customers to pay using digital currencies like Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and more. They also gave away $200,000 in crypto with their interactive game called “Buy The Dip” where customers can win 1 cent guacamole, queso or free crypto. 

6. Find your perfect somewhere with

It’s like a dating app for hotels! recently released “The Perfect Somewhere” campaign in an effort to place the brand as a perfect matchmaker for travelers. The ads feature each hotel describing itself and its ideal customers in the format of dating profiles. “I’m looking for someone who likes sand and sun… If you have kids, I’m great with kids!” 

7. E.L.F.’s weather channel-inspired campaign

It’s an glow storm! Pop-star Meghan Trainor explains there’s a “Storm Swatch” out there that’s heading northeast and straight for a cheekbone! Her 5-day Glow Cast showcases E.L.F.’s all-new glow collection. We’re talking blinding conditions! 

8. Dove reverses the selfie

Dove’s body-positive commercials have been blocking out the haters for years now with their body confidence campaigns that crush toxic beauty culture. This ad encourages people to have the “selfie talk” with their kids today, promoting positivity and authenticity in an online world.

9. Apple proves why iPhones are superior with #ShotOniPhone

Earlier this year, Apple announced the campaign with a Shot on iPhone Macro Challenge, tasking Apple lovers with the fight to capture the best photo on an iPhone. This promoted the iPhone 13, which features the most advanced camera in Apple products to date.

10. Expedia shuts down materialism

Expedia and prolific actor Ewan McGregor ask the viewer if they think anyone will look back on their life and regret the things they didn’t buy. The answer is no—but we’ll surely regret the places we didn’t go. Makes us want to book that trip overseas we keep putting off!

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