Top Things That Happened In December That You Should Know About

December was no doubt a busy month in the world, but lucky for you, we are here to break down some of the most important headlines that happened that you should know about!

Star Wars makes its return

Rouge One: A Star Wars Story opened with $155 million its first weekend at the box office. This was the second best opening of any December movie, trailing behind last years Star Wars.

Uber’s self -driving cars taken off the streets of San Francisco

Say goodbye to your chances of being picked up by a self-driving Uber in San Francisco. Uber lost privileges due to licensing problems in California. Uber has taken all self driving cars off the road and is in search of a new state to use as a test market.

Carrie Fisher Passes Away at age 60

Carrie Fisher, a beloved Hollywood icon, passed away at age 60. Not only was Fisher a famous actress, she also wrote four novels and was one of Hollywoods most sought after script doctors. Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fishers mother passed away the day after Carrie.

Holiday Travel Hits a Record High

California experienced a gridlock unlike any other during the holiday season. 94.8 million people were expected to travel between December 23 and January 4. California residents make up the majority of this total.

Operation Christmas Drop

Every December, the U.S. military partners with other international forces to exact an airdrop of Christmas presents to remote islands in the Pacific. The US drops toys, food, clothes and necessities as part of Operation Christmas Drop. With 65 years of service, this is the longest running humanitarian airlift operation.

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung was virtually obsolete this holiday season after its exploding phones were banned from airlines. Samsung has been working with a third party to decipher what the phones problems really were, but are at a standstill. The real question is, can Samsung ever regain the trust of its customers?

Wendy’s Tweets

Fast food chain Wendy’s tweets are getting sassier by the second. The downward spiral of retweet is back in action as Wendy’s comments back to a concerned customer become some of the most popular tweets of 2016.

Instagram Updates

December brought presents of all shapes and sizes, including a number of Instagram updates. From screenshot notifications to live video, Instagram is now combining all of our favorite social media sites into one. Sadly, there was no Black Friday deal on ad space as ad costs went up for the holidays.

Things That Happened Last Month That You Should Know About
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