Cohen Dowd

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Cohen Dowd Quigley (CDQ) is a Phoenix-based law firm that specializes in complex commercial litigation. Their expert approach to demanding cases has netted them wins against large firms, proving their model is competitive in its own right. Deferring from the cliché imagery that pervades their industry, CDQ wanted a brand that reflected their bold attitude.

CDQ sought out TJA to revamp their collateral and brand identity. After the departure of a partner, CDQ took the opportunity to update the branding it’d been using for 15 years. The team wanted to update it to be more in line with their forward-thinking approach in a traditionally rigid competitive set.

The new logo and collateral suite reflect a modern style that still maintains professionalism and their boutique feel. The resulting brand identity was the product of not only design discussions but conversations that prioritized finding alignment within their internal team.



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