The Creative Process: 3 Anecdotes of Concept

The Creative Process: 3 Anecdotes of Concept

Process is a word that gets tossed around a lot in the business world. It usually conjures up an image of a by-the-book, linear, step-by-step procedure followed by some heavy sighs and concerns about the right cover sheet is being used for their TPS report.

The anecdotes below are a glimpse into the process and inspired translation of what I see when a client comes to us for help.

Anecdote 1:

He was stuck in an airport with nothing but a camera and a PowerBar. Stranded in a land of vaguely unidentifiable smells, old tile and tired faces, he starts to capture unique moments only a traveler could see.

Matt Dutile is a photographer visiting some of the most exotic places while shooting for clients like American Express, Adidas and National Geographic Traveler.

Anecdote 2:

In a small neighborhood with cobblestone paths, old trees, rickety vines covering walls, you discover the friendliest people you’ve ever met. They greet you as you walk by – and you’re blown away by the most incredible aroma of homemade food, jaw-dropping, mouthwatering smells that make you stagger and swoon. They take you in, give you a hug and ask about your day (the people do, that is, not the food smells).

Spinato’s Pizzeria is a family owned and operated restaurant with a true emphasis on family. I can’t decide what I love most – the family or the food. It wouldn’t be Spinato’s without both.

Anecdote 3:

Always going against the grain, challenging the norm and questioning authority. It’s the rebel kid with the comic book collection, wearing the “so’s your face” tee shirt. The old 1970 beater hoopty-ride with different colored fenders and crappy paint, but an amazing stereo blaring some classic Johnny Rotten.

SanTan Brewing Co. has a beer for everyone, but an attitude all its own.

Telling a story is about making connections. I like to construct the onion instead of peeling it, building those layers: complex team concepts, messages, and inspiration. So let’s connect. Let’s tell your story.

Shane Tang | Creative Director

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