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It’s been an exciting start to 2022 at The James Agency! Between onboarding new clients, flash mobbing and scavenger hunting (check out our social if you missed these two), we’ve been getting sh!t done. 

But more than anything, we’re stoked to help our clients, from real estate developers to cannabis distributors to health and wellness gurus, accomplish their marketing goals. We’re helping these organizations with overdue website refreshers, bringing “napkin plans” to life, and pushing a company’s comfort level with TikTok. 

Without further ado, here’s a sampling of integrated services TJA is providing for our clients:

1. Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project

Goal: Build a modern, sophisticated and user-friendly website. 

FIRRP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides legal and social services for detained adults and children facing immigration removal proceedings in Arizona. Their website was built nearly five years ago, but no longer matches their recent growth or effectively communicates who they are. That said, they’re ready to transform their digital image from a validation point to a donation-driver for new and returning users who want to help make a positive difference. TJA will strategically optimize FIRRP’s digital presence to better articulate their values and services, create an immersive and emotional storytelling opportunity, and emphasize the impact of receiving outside contributions. These enhancements will allow the FIRRP team to leverage their investment for years to come. 

2. Belgravia Group

Goal: Increase brand awareness as they expand to a new market-Scottsdale, AZ. 

With more than 70 years of experience in the Chicago real estate market, Belgravia Group has achieved notable success developing over 2,500 condos and townhomes across very prestigious zip codes. Belgravia has become synonymous with meticulous attention to detail, exceptional customer service, and beautiful architectural design. They’re bringing their legacy to the Arizona market and need an agency partner to translate their reputation to this new clientele. Using our extensive rolodex of media contacts, influencers, and local tastemakers, we’ll strive to get the community buzzing about living in North Scottsdale’s newest high-profile address, named Portico. Our goal is to create a runway for future opportunities and ongoing successful launches in the future for Belgravia Group. 

3. Jason Mitchell Group

Goal: Develop an extensive messaging suite to improve audience comprehension of JMG’s key differentiators. 

Having closed over $3 billion in transactions over the course of 15 years, JMG is the number one brokerage in America. Their success stems from their high-quality customer experience, valuable partnerships, incentives and technology platforms that make the group more than your garden-variety brokerage. Their current challenge: finding the right words to articulate their unique business model and its value. TJA will leverage our expertise developing curated brands to provide a compelling and understandable messaging foundation for Jason and his team. Our intention: to give Jason absolute clarity as it relates to his vision for his game-changing, innovative business model. 

4. Cannabis Brands TBA

Goal: Complete brand development for three emerging cannabis brands in various industry corners. 

Three fresh brands in the works-pardon our cannabis dust. These still-under-wraps brands have rising aspirations to contribute, elevate and disrupt their respective niches in the marijuana marketplace. TJA will apply our exceptional analytics-based talent to develop identities for each unique project, including deliverables like packaging design concepts, website splash pages, messaging suites and more. With TJA leading the marketing charge, these brands’ key stakeholders will be able to focus on bringing their visions to life. 

5. SweetLeaf

Goal: Boost education, awareness and demand of their natural sugar substitute with a national public relations partner.

SweetLeaf is a long-standing company that offers a healthy alternative for consumers with stevia, monk fruit, tea and syrup products. SweetLeaf firmly believes that everyone deserves to enjoy a natural sugar substitute and it is the company’s mission to increase the number of American households that use its sweeteners. SweetLeaf is partnering with TJA to lead its national PR efforts to make its vision a reality. We will tap in to our PR powerhouse to generate national brand awareness with the right mix of traditional and non-traditional opportunities to educate the consumer and generate excitement about the best-tasting stevia on the shelves. 

6. Health and Wellness Retreat Center

Goal: Re-establish itself as a premier wellness destination and build long term relationships with guests seeking holistic healing and self-realization. 

Sitting in the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Arizona is a nonprofit whose vision is to heal and develop individuals through modern and traditional Sun Tao practices. The retreat enlisted TJA to evolve its brand and grow its business. TJA is managing the following service areas: audience discovery, paid media management, organic social media, newsletter and email marketing, blog post writing, videography, creative development, public relations and website management. Our mission is to support the retreat’s objectives to establish general brand awareness, secure lifetime members, and drive new client acquisitions while remaining true to its values and the authenticity of the experience on property.

*   *   *

These are just a handful of the many exciting opportunities picking up in 2022. If you want to get in on the action-healthy paid media campaigns, website design, content strategy, PR and more-I encourage you to contact TJA today. We’re ready to make your marketing dreams a reality.  

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