Shoot for the stars.

Want clicks from email, social, web and paid media efforts? Let’s talk about video. TJA dives deep into your brand and business goals to make videos that grab attention and evoke emotion. Considering content, objectives, audience and distribution allows us to create the right video, seen by the right eyes. What’s even better—we take the lead on the process from start to finish, including concept creation, script writing, storyboarding, casting, direction, production and editing.

We brainstorm ways to use motion and sound to achieve your business goals
We plan every detail scene by scene before ever picking up a camera. This ensures alignment between teams and becomes the playbook for shoot day.
A video is only as strong as the talent on camera; TJA handles casting the perfect people to bring your visions to life.
We manage and coordinate everyone involved on the shoot with thorough instructions a detailed schedule to keep everything running smoothly.
Location, location, location! While this isn’t real estate, finding the right location for you can be make-or-break. TJA’s team scouts multiple spots, handles any necessary permits and business coordination.
Shoot scheduling, call sheet creation, coordination of all crew and talent, on-location shooting, day-of-shoot logistics, capturing video and sound, reviewing footage, editing, creating cuts of different lengths and formats

Here, see for yourself:

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