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Make a good impression.

Always proactive, never reactive, we strengthen the bond between you and the public. We curate exposure opportunities with outlets that resonate with your audience to build their trust in your operation. Through collaboration with all departments to ensure a holistic and creative approach, we align your PR strategy with overarching marketing endeavors.

Media relations

Connecting with media partners, press release, interview coordination

Influencer engagement

Outreach, content negotiation, scheduling

Crisis communications

Timely response, narrative control, damage mitigation

Experiential activations

Securing audience, media coordination, exposure alignment

Event planning and management

VIP attendance coordination, media presence, activation scheduling

Media training + support

Interview support, talking points, media navigation


Colleen's Dream | Dream In Color

Colleen’s Dream is a non-profit that raises awareness and funds for effective treatment and early detection tests for ovarian cancer. The organization annually hosts a VIP reception, golf tournament and gala that act as their largest fundraisers.


Medieval Times

The realm is filled with many a great marketing firm, but it was TJA that made a noble alliance with Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Scottsdale. The entertainment company engaged with TJA’s public relations team to introduce the 10th and newest Medieval Times castle to Arizona residents.

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