It’s An Election Year…So Why Does That Matter For Your Marketing?

It’s that time again — campaign signs are popping up, debates are right around the corner and the national conversation is buzzing with political intensity. But wait… You’re a marketer, not a political strategist! While the upcoming election might not be your primary focus, here at The James Agency, we know it shouldn’t be ignored. […]

5 Connection Building Tips in Public Relations to Develop Stronger Media Relationships

As any PR pro will tell you, developing media relationships can be tricky. PR and journalism professionals both live very busy lives, often facing tight deadlines, thousands of emails a week and coordinating tricky schedules. Media connections are arguably the most important aspect of the job, as it is super important to develop a relationship […]

4 signs your social media needs a makeover.

Let’s scan your branding checklist. Messaging? Check. Logo refresh? Check. Website? Check. Social media… not looking so good. Maintaining your brand’s social media is like doing your makeup every day. Some days it’s a bit overdone, with lopsided eyeliner and excess blush. Other days, you say “screw it” and forget it entirely. And sometimes…it might […]

Build Your Own Consumer Journey.

“It’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey.” You’ve probably heard this cheesy, wrongly-attributed quote while planning a road trip or a hiking adventure. Planning a marketing strategy may not be as sexy as a vacation up the Pacific coast, but that quote rings just as true for us advertising folk. On any road […]

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