The Importance of Client Immersion for your Agency Partnership and Strategy

Tired of feeling like a broken record? We feel you. At The James Agency (TJA), we go beyond Zoom calls and back-and-forth emails, getting our hands dirty (metaphorically… mostly) with client immersion. We’re stepping into the “teacher” role, educating you on how hanging out with our clients (office tours, coffee runs, the whole shebang!) leads […]

Get to know graphic designer, Nichole Peterson!

Get to know graphic designer, Nichole Peterson!

TJA prides itself on creating a winning culture through the rad people who work here. Now’s your chance to get a peek behind the curtain on process, origin stories, and even some secrets from one of our very own. Content Strategist, Teresa Velasco, interviewed Graphic Designer, Nichole Peterson, via Slack. TV: Okay girl, when did […]

Considerations for collaborations: How to make unique brands work together.

Marketing is a group activity. However, branding is often created and deployed in a silo. There are some external considerations of course—industry trends, competitor sets, etc.—but beyond that, brand development is not a decision that necessarily needs to be “coordinated” with anything outside of the company. Even nested organizations or those under the same ownership […]

Three things a luxury brand isn’t (and one thing it always should be).

Three things a luxury brand isn’t (and one thing it always should be).

What we talk about when we talk about luxury. Luxury brand marketing is a vague concept when you stop to think about it. What does “luxury” even mean? How do you encapsulate it visually? More importantly, in this age of omnichannel branding, how do you convey the value of luxury through a digital experience? When […]

Photos vs. illustrations: what works better?

As a graphic designer, one question you come across often is deciding whether to use photography or illustrations in your designs. This important aspect of design helps to create work that’s both functional and beautiful. So what is better: photos or illustrations? The answer isn’t as simple as the question… Here are a few ways […]

Adapt or die

"The James Agency presents an innovative approach to staying ahead of the competition: Adapt or Die. Discover how to outsmart competitors by embracing change! "

It’s the most basic tenet of evolution, but a hard pill to swallow. There can be a lot of attachment surrounding a tried and trusted brand strategy. However, a hard conversation needs to be had when the needle isn’t moving forward anymore. Maybe the current brand makes the company look dated. It may not reflect […]

How To Make a Rich Media Ad In Google Web Designer

"Create high-impact rich media ads with The James Agency's step-by-step tutorial on how to make an ad in Google Web Designer. Learn more today!"

In my first Google Web Designer post, we went through a basic introduction into the program as well as the step-by-step process for creating a simple animated ad. This time we are going to get a little more in-depth and walk through the creation of an expandable display ad. Moving away from standard display advertising, […]

Tips and Tricks to Using Google Web Designer

Have you been using Google Web Designer to create banner ads? Until starting at The James Agency, I hadn’t even heard of it! For those reading who don’t know, Google Web Designer is an application used to create HTML5 advertisements without having to actually dig into the messy coding part. GWD allows you to pull […]

Arizona Foothills Best of Our Valley 2018

Voting is now open for Arizona Foothills Magazine’s Best of Our Valley 2018, and we need your help to win! To vote, simply log in using either your Facebook or Google+ account and click on the links below to cast your vote for team TJA. You can vote once a day per category until voting closes on Thursday, November […]

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