The Importance of Client Immersion for your Agency Partnership and Strategy

Tired of feeling like a broken record? We feel you. At The James Agency (TJA), we go beyond Zoom calls and back-and-forth emails, getting our hands dirty (metaphorically… mostly) with client immersion. We’re stepping into the “teacher” role, educating you on how hanging out with our clients (office tours, coffee runs, the whole shebang!) leads […]

The James Agency Serves Up Something Special: Tasteful Food Advertising Tips

At The James Agency, we specialize in making food advertising fun through creative advertising campaigns that engage and inspire audiences. With our team of experienced professionals and bright minds, we use an innovative approach to our food marketing recipes to make you stand out from the competition. With our help, your business can quickly reach […]

Hospitality Trends for the 2020s (and how to stay relevant)

"Discover the leading hospitality trends of the 2020s and best practices on how to stay ahead of them. Learn from The James Agency's experts and remain relevant in an ever-changing market. "

If you took a hotelier from a decade ago (circa 2nd generation iPhone) and dropped them into the industry today, would they recognize it? The booking journey is gravitating toward mobile-only. There are voice-control devices that guests can use to select a room or order room service. Blockchain has infiltrated hotel operations. Chatbots are as […]

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