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From Monday Morning Hustles to Friday Beer Labs, you’ll often find TJAers (that’s us) neck-deep in crazy-fun culture activities. You’ve probably seen some of our shenanigans on social media and thought: “Is this place for real? When do these people actually work?”

Trust us, we’ve asked ourselves that first question a lot. Second one, not so much. (We know how much work we do down to the minute!)

It may seem obvious to the outsider why working at TJA is a dream come true, but what “pinch me” moments stand out to TJAers? We asked a group of folks with various tenures—old crusties and fresh bloods alike—to provide anonymous answers to a few questions. Here’s what they thought!

*   *   *

Q: Why do you like working at TJA?

A: The people. From my peers all the way up to Veronique herself, I think we’re always humbling one another and reminding each other of our humanness. We show up 100% every day—not just because it’s our job and to pay the bills, but because we all find joy in the product we craft. I can’t imagine wanting anything more than that.

Editor’s note: Well said. Maybe this person should be a copywriter?

A: Our clients are amazing! No matter the industry or project, the partnerships we build at TJA are one of a kind. I love the work I do and the people I do it for! They come from all walks of life and I love to connect with them to tell their stories.

A: The ability to grow. No matter which department you’re in or how long you’ve worked here, there’s always room to learn and improve at TJA. We’ve had quarterly meetings about professional and personal improvement, monthly Lunch & Learns, and there’s always someone to help if you have questions. It feels like TJA is truly invested in making helping us be better humans—inside and outside the office.

Editor’s note: Warm fuzzies alert!

*   *   *

Q: What separates TJA from other agencies?

A: Transparency. We are clear communicators with clients when it comes to the cost and time associated with the projects. And we’re just as communicative when it comes to reporting success (or lack thereof) of campaigns across all channels, email, organic social and paid media. Additionally, since we’re so close as a team, internal communication is second nature to us, providing honest feedback and direction every time.

A: This is the first agency I’ve worked at, so I’m not equipped to answer this question, LOL.

Editor’s note: A+ contribution there, champ.

A: I have a feeling that what separates TJA, from any other company really, is the culture. I would say this is the first place I’ve truly experienced “work hard, play hard”. I’m inspired every day to give my best because everyone around me is kicking ass. Work hard? Done. Then, we get to top it off with a team kick back during some badass events. Play hard? Done.

Editor’s note: That’s better.

*   *   *

Q: What’s your favorite part of (your job at) TJA?

A: Storytelling. I feel like that’s a a constant through every department and role. We work with analytics, numbers, napkin sketches and pipe dreams to tell the sagas of people who would otherwise be lost to the ether of American business.

A: When I see creative out in the wild! It never gets old driving across town and seeing a billboard we purchased and designed.

Editor’s note: I hope we all never tire of this!

A: The collaboration. Everyone’s voice matters. Regardless the department or the seniority, your opinion is valid, and if it’s going to contribute to creating something really valuable for a client, then consider it heard. That’s a pretty cool team to be a part of.

A: A lot of little things: The focus on celebrating the wins, no matter how small; Monday Morning Hustles that start with gratitude; Encouragement to challenge the norm; Our proofing process; Our communication style/process with clients… hard to pick, sorry!

*   *   *

Well, the weirdos have spoken! We hope this was as fun for you to read as it was for us to write. “Fun” is the name of the TJA game after all.

If you’re a prospective crew-mate who’s curious to learn more about career opportunities or a hopeful client who’s ready for a new type of agency partnership, we’d love to hear from you. Bring your questions and your collaborations—we’re ready when you are! Drop us a line here, subscribe to our newsletter and follow our socials. (Warning: shenanigans and general Tom Foolery await.)

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