IRL: The power of face time in an email world.

In an industry where “fast” is often hailed as “good,” slowing down and taking the time to meet in person may seem like an outdated way to get shit done. Emails can be shot off with approvals, signatures and questions, and calls can handle anything requiring an extended discussion, right? Right. But in addition, there are just some things you need to see to believe. We’re going to lay out which instances merit some quality time face-to-face.

1. First engagement
When engaging with destination clients like Travel Costa Mesa, pictures just won’t do it justice. Our team takes the time to get the ground-zero experience and internalize the look, feel, sound and scent of the place. Our clients give us first-hand accounts of why the people they cater to appreciate what they’re offering, and then we see it for ourselves. What gets them excited? How does the culture of the organizers align with the culture of the audience? Getting to experience the answers to these questions makes marketing them more authentic. It demonstrates there’s a genuine understanding between the brand and the people they interact with.

2. Campaign presentations
The launch of a new campaign is an exciting time for everyone. Market research is translated into strategy, that strategy is executed by creative, web, media and PR. Due to their intricate nature, we prefer to present campaigns in person as much as possible. That way, clients can see tangible versions of logos and ads, visualize PR activations, and thoroughly understand media plans. Meeting in person prompts healthy dialogue, making it easier to ask questions and get answers for both parties. This ensures everyone is on the same page; if there is any confusion, it’s easily addressed in the room. Additionally, nonverbal communication comes across clearly, which enhances everyone’s understanding. By encouraging as much clarity as possible, campaign concepts can be delivered in the spirit they were intended.

3. Major events & milestones
We love to celebrate big wins with our partners. Whether it’s a grand opening, a significant anniversary or a noteworthy happening, it’s exciting to see these functions in person, especially when they’re events that our team got to work on. Showing our support in person also strengthens the bond between our clients and us: we love to show up for them during moments when they get to see the fruits of their labor.

4. Ongoing touchpoint
We have the privilege of working with several longtime clients. They know our rhythms, we know theirs, and this creates a productive harmony between our efforts and their goals. Even in relationships like these, where we’re familiar with what needs to be done and how, it’s important that we still treat the engagement like it’s on the front burner. Getting face-to-face temperature checks helps keep the work from stagnating. It also is a good time to course correct. Is the aim of the campaign aligned with upcoming goals? Have any objectives changed? Take the time to catch up and keep your longstanding clients happy.

5. “The Taste” by LA Times
An example of how we go the extra mile to meet our clients, Travel Costa Mesa hosts an annual event called “The Taste” by LA Times. The event brings restauranteurs from all over Orange County together for an elevated food festival, complete with chef demonstrations, live music and limitless sampling from the stalls. Multiple departments were engaged in marketing efforts for the event, from our PR pros coordinating influencer engagement to the creative team making digital designs for media placements. Beginning with the inaugural event in 2018, the account manager from Client Services and PR Director went to see how the event was executed and ensure branding efforts went smoothly. In 2019, our Creative Director, Production Director and Content Strategist went to experience the event to capture footage and better convey it through creative. This boots on the ground understanding helps us create an even more authentic portrayal for the next event.

If you’re looking for an agency that actively pursues your best interest and takes the time to meet you face to face, then you’ve come to the right place. See our services and get inspired by what we can do for you.

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IRL: The power of face time in an email world.
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