Social Media Marketing for Businesses: Three Ways to Strategically Leverage LinkedIn in 2024.

One thing to leave behind in 2023: using the same content marketing strategy across all social media platforms where your business has a presence.

We get it, it’s so tempting to create one universal social content calendar and call it a day. However, social media platforms (and their users) operate differently. What engages and works for your Instagram followers might not work on TikTok. And what works on TikTok, likely won’t translate well to your LinkedIn audience.

Every calendar should be uniquely tailored to its platform, and when it comes to LinkedIn, a completely different approach is required. LinkedIn is a business, networking and job search platform, so if you’re planning to establish a presence on it, you need to play to its strengths.

Let’s explore three strategic ways to leverage LinkedIn next year.

1. Optimize Your Company’s Page With Keywords

Much like your website, it’s important to optimize your LinkedIn profile with relevant keywords to effectively showcase your business and its offerings. Start by identifying keywords that describe your company and determining the specific organic LinkedIn results in which you’d like to appear. Incorporate these keywords in your headline, about section, hashtags and within the copy of your posts. 

Pro-tip: There are excellent tools to identify keywords, we recommend Semrush.

Impact: Let your keywords do the heavy lifting. You will demonstrate relevance and enhance visibility for the people who are searching for what you offer.

2. Harness the Power of Rich Media

We all know the feeling—our social feeds are cluttered with information and businesses are fighting for attention. Rich media offers a solution by diversifying the type of content you share with documents, image carousels, polls, and of course, video—our reigning queen.

We’re not kidding. Check out this Marcom Award we won for a LinkedIn video series. The first post captured an 8% click-through rate and a 14.56% engagement rate. (To put it in perspective, by industry standards, a 2% LinkedIn engagement rate is considered “good,” while anything above 2% is “great.”)

Impact: By leveraging rich media, your business can expect to see higher engagement metrics across its content.

3. Encourage Your Company’s Employees To Engage

We believe the secret sauce behind a successful LinkedIn strategy is harnessing the power of your people. After all, your employees are your ambassadors and shape the identity of the organization. Did you know that only 3% of employees share their company’s content? The power from those shares drives an increase in total engagement and leads to an increased click-through rate. 

Pro-tip: Encouraging your employees to engage and share your content is not always easy. Try sharing your LinkedIn calendars with them weekly, tagging any relevant people or brands related to the post and prompting conversation in the comments with thought-provoking questions. 

Impact: When an employee likes, comments, or reshares a post, the impact is mutually beneficial. This increases the company’s authenticity and increases their professional footprint. 

* * *

These are just a few examples of ways to leverage LinkedIn for your business’s content marketing strategy. If you’re looking for a team of social media experts to get the job done, contact us today and leave “copy-and-paste” marketing in 2023. We’re happy to provide the social sustenance you need for your 2024 business goals.

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