7 Tips for Tackling Your Client’s TV Segment

Tackling Your Client’s TV Segment

Congratulations, you landed a three-minute segment on a local TV station for your client! Your relentless pitching efforts (and hair pulling) have paid off and now you can sit back, relax and bask in the sweet glow of success. Well, not quite. Don’t get me wrong, securing a TV segment is a big win. However, […]

What to Expect When You Hire a Full-Service Agency

Hire a Full-Service Agency

The decision to hire a full-service agency isn’t always an easy one. There are a lot of factors that go into this decision: Which agency is the right fit? Do you only want to use some of an agency’s services? Or all of them? What if you don’t like the work produced by the agency? […]

Why Public Relations is Important for Your Business

Why Public Relations is Important for Your Business

“There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” This popular quote, often attributed to showman and businessman P.T. Barnum, is not entirely true, unless your only objective is notoriety. Although most business owners would agree that visibility and brand recognition are common goals, they also strive to maintain a positive public reputation. Essentially, not all news […]

The Pitch – Who. How. What. When. Where.

The Pitch - Who. How. What. When. Where.

If you want to work in public relations, you have to know how to pitch a story idea to a reporter. This checklist will help you craft a pitch that will get picked up by the media.   Make a Media List Identify your target outlets and contacts – ones that cover the topic you’re […]

Press Releases, they’re still alive & kicking…for now anyway.

Press Releases, they're still alive & kicking...for now anyway.

For decades, the press release has been the PR professional’s main tool for getting news out to the media and public at large. However, there has been much industry dispute in recent years regarding whether or not the traditional press release is dead. In an age of social media, where 140 characters is now all […]

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