How to Create a Business Social Media Strategy


Step 1: Will your brand benefit from being on social media? (If you’re reading this…you’ve probably already figured out that it will) Social media is unlike any other form of advertising or marketing because it allows you to directly engage with the people you want to shop at your store or download your app in […]

What Your Social Media Followers Really Want From You


One of the most difficult things when developing a social media marketing strategy is figuring out what kind of content your followers really want from you. Trying to find that balance between promotional and engaging content is a lot easier said than done. Most social media marketing is trial and error, and that’s ok. Here are […]

3 Golden Rules for Social Media

Rules for Social Media

Is social media a successful marketing tool? You could read 100 different articles on this subject and many would have conflicting views. Some believe social media is an absolute must. Others suggest that it’s not the most successful means of advertising. Whatever your opinion, I can’t help but appreciate Greg Shugar’s recent article in Entrepreneur. He states, The constant […]

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