The value of video: 5 things to consider

We’re big fans of video at TJA. But not just because they’re fun to make and we’re really good at it. It’s also because videos are super effective. They’re an important part of our data-driven strategies. Check out the five tidbits below about video—you’ll see what we mean.

1. It’s attention-grabbing.

Have you ever been working or scrolling, when suddenly… a video ad pops up, or an animated Instagram post slides into view? You just can’t help but look, right? It happens to everyone (81% of us), and it’s even more pronounced when you have your volume on. The combination of movement and sound is captivating. Even short snippets of video that are just a few seconds long draw us in and leave us wanting to see what comes next. We click to see more. Which leads us to…

2. It gets clicks. Like, a lot of clicks.

Let’s start by taking a big bite out of a nice, juicy statistic: according to this HubSpot article, adding video to your emails can increase click rates by 300%. Yowza! 300 is a lot of percents, and this speaks loud and clear about the power of video and how it inspires viewers to act. Mailchimp (our favorite email platform) states that “If your click rates are good, the message content is relevant to subscribers who open the campaign.” Based on that whole 300% thing, it’s safe to assume that video content is extremely relevant to email audiences.

3. In a fight between video and words, video wins.

People remember 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text.1 Trust us, words are amazing, and reading is always going to be a thing—I mean, you’re doing it right now. Awesome! But sometimes you need a little extra oomph behind an important message. So if you want a product, service or idea to be really sticky in the minds of your audience, think video. If you only remember 10% of this blog, remember this part.

4. It’s a versatile investment.

Everybody loves a good deal, whether it’s shoe shopping or spending marketing dollars. So if we’re talking bang-for-your-buck, video is a great way to maximize investment. When planned meticulously, a shoot can produce enough footage (and still images) to create a library for multiple different uses. From 15-second social posts and 30-second commercials, to a multi-minute mini-documentary, you can make clever and efficient use of editing to make the most of the budget. When the time comes to update the video library, you can incorporate new shots with older footage to create something brand new. It’s like that really nice pair of sneakers that you can wear with everything—it pays to spend a little more for something you’ll use for years.

5. Video boosts search results.

Just like we mentioned in point number two, video gets people in the mood to click. When clicks drive traffic to your site through ads, email, etc., your site ranks higher in search results. Video also captures people’s attention, which means folks will hang around longer on a web page with video, resulting in a lower bounce rate. That also boosts your search result ranking. After all, a website that includes video is 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google.

It’s probably a great time to stop reading, and spend a few minutes watching videos. Start here, and once you come out of the video rabbit hole, hit us up and let us know when you’re ready to shoot!

The value of video: 5 things to consider
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