2019 Year-in-Review Highlights

Let our work speak for itself.

16 times on the podium:

  • Entrepreneur 360 | 2019 Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America
  • AZ Central Top Companies to Work For in Arizona, Small Company
  • Phoenix Business Journal Best Places to Work in the Valley
  • MarCom Award | Web Video/Marketing | Travel Costa Mesa
  • MarCom Award | Web Video/Marketing | National Harbor
  • MarCom Award | Marketing/Promo Campaign/Branding Refresh | Travel Costa Mesa
  • MarCom Award | Marketing/Promo Campaign/Branding Refresh | Spinato’s Pizzeria
  • MarCom Award | Web Video/Marketing | Travel Costa Mesa
  • MarCom Award | Marketing/Promotion/Guide | Travel Costa Mesa
  • Addy Award | Elements of Advertising-Logo Design | Loft+Manor
  • Addy Award | Branded Content & Entertainment | Travel Costa Mesa
  • Addy Award | Sales & Marketing | Hotel Valley Ho
  • Addy Award | Integrated Advertising National Consumer Campaign | Mountain Shadows
  • Addy Award | Print Advertising, Branded Content & Entertainment | The Cliffs Hotel & Spa
  • Spaces Arizona Awards 2019 | Best in show
  • 2019 PRSA Phoenix Award of Merit | Colleen’s Dream Foundation Butterfly Effect Campaign

6 Brand Videos:

10 Rebrands & New Brands:

  • Camelot Homes
  • National Harbor
  • Starfire Golf Club
  • Cabana
  • Mavrix
  • Spinatos Pizzeria
  • ECD Systems
  • ZuZu at Hotel Valley Ho
  • From the Rooftop
  • Poppy

16 New Websites:

2020 promises to be filled with more of the exciting projects and people that make TJA so special. Cheers to the new year!

April Marketing Munchies

Check out some of the most recent and trending marketing, advertising and social media news in the industry! 

6 Branding Mistakes Undermining Your Company’s Image

Branding is key when it comes to your company. Get ahead of the game and ensure you are building a sustainable brand. Karla Cook’s article addresses how inconsistency and design trends, if not played well, can lead to a brand flop. Stay alert and avoid making these mistakes.

21 Fascinating Persuasion Techniques For Conversion Optimization

The end goal of most businesses and marketers alike is conversion. The ability to persuade someone that you’re worth their time and your product is worth their money is something marketers strive for everyday. In this munchie, Bill Widmer writes about 21 techniques that are offered through psychology to persuade an individual.

What is Mastodon? The New Social Network Vying To Be The Next Twitter

Twitter has some very dedicated followers, but in the past few years, it has definitely seen a stall and even a decline in users. Eugene Rochko took notice and decided to create Mastodon: the anti-Twitter. Will this emerging social network stand a chance at becoming the new and improved Twitter?

Is This New Adobe Tool Bad News For Graphic Designers?

Could Adobe be changing a graphic designer’s workflow? The company recently came out with a new technology called ‘Sky Replace’ and it does exactly what the title says. It replaces a boring sky with filters and graphics, and enhances it where you deem fit. This feature is meant for Creative Cloud users who do not have the time to send their project to a full creative team. Will this change how graphic designers work?

Twitter’s Considering An Advanced Version Of TweetDeck – For A Monthly Fee

If you want more, you’re going to have to pay more. The new TweetDeck would include analytics tracking, trending data, alerts, and more. In his article, Andrew Hutchinson inquires whether the features are worth the cost and how much additional insight would naturally be produced.

Facebook’s Launching A New, Immersive Ad Format Called ‘Collections’

Facebook recently came out with ‘Collections,’ a new type of ad unit. Facebook has stated in the past that video is the new form of advertising and connecting with consumers over the internet. This new ad unit will be in a video format, with related products listed below.

Why Word Count Shouldn’t Drive Your Content Marketing Strategy

In recent years, we have concluded that long-form content provides articles with in-depth information and it is assumed that it drives higher engagement and desired metrics. A report analyzed by John Hall argues this though and the results are thought-provoking. It might be more about quality than quantity when it comes to content marketing.

State Of Email Report: 5 Tips To Build Better Email In 2017

Are you struggling to make your email marketing campaign stand out from other companies? Kayla Lewkowicz, touches on subjects such as what happened in the email world last year and major industry challenges. She slid discusses how to utilize a responsive design to optimize your Gmail, along with many other subjects. Read more for tips on optimizing your email in 2017.

Instagram Announces New Option To Save Live Broadcasts

Live video is the latest and fastest growing medium on social media. With Instagram’s update, users and businesses now have the ability to save their live broadcast to use at a later time, expanding the possibilities.

How Redesigning HubSpot’s Website Doubled Conversion Rates

Austin Knight has a lot to say about how HubSpot was in design debt, and what it did to refactor its site. Increasing conversion in a meaningful way is not an easy task to accomplish, but HubSpot managed it and your business can too. Read about the concepts, kickoffs, and research HubSpot utilized to reach positive results.

10 Things That Happened In February That You Should Know About

We know your Facebook and Twitter feeds are constantly being flooded with stuff that you probably don’t really care about seeing. So, we put together a list of some of some pretty cool/ridiculous/unfortunate/nonsensical things that happened in the creative and pop-culture worlds last month that you might have missed that we think you should know about.

1. The Best (and Worst) Super Bowl 2016 Commercials

The biggest day of the year for advertising keeps getting bigger. Thanks to social media, great Super Bowl ads turn into memes, while bad Super Bowl ads get mocked mercilessly and, well, turned into memes. Either way, it’s the one time of year people inside and outside the industry look forward to commercials and a chance for smaller brands to become talking points long after the ad airs (here we are a month later still discussing them). In case you forgot, here’s a rundown of the most memorable ads from 2016’s big game.

2. Esurance Completely Dominated the Twitter Super Bowl

Interestingly, the Super Bowl’s most talked about brand on Twitter didn’t actually run a commercial during the game. Esurance continued its tradition of running ads announcing sweepstakes outside of the allotted game time, thus saving money and passing it on to consumers. The ad averaged 9,000 tweets per minute with an estimated 1.5 billion impressions. But how those tweets become loyal customers of the insurance company remains to be seen. I mean, have you thought about switching to Esurance since the Super Bowl?

3. Apple Was Ordered to Help the FBI Hack San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhone

Last month’s feud between Apple and the FBI rages on. The tech company refused the government agency’s request to retrieve encrypted information from San Bernadino shooter Syed Farook’s iPhone. The conflict has sparked a debate over private versus national security. But things started to look up for Apple when a New York judge ruled the government can’t force Apple to hack an iPhone. But, we have a feeling the FBI won’t go down without a fight.

4. Facebook’s Reactions Feature Is the Latest Sign It’s an Emoji World

Finally! A way to express our opinions on Facebook. The social media giant unveiled its new “reactions” feature last month, which is a series of emoji buttons to choose from beyond just the “like” button. The new buttons are “love,” “haha,” “wow,” “sad” and “angry.” The company chose the expressions through marketing research that included focus groups, surveys and made the decision to add the buttons based on the amount of mobile users. But we’re still waiting for that “dislike” button, Facebook.

5. Target Halts the Sale of Hoverboards on its Website

Is this the end of hoverboards (we kinda hope so)? After the Consumer Product Safety Comission declared the inaccurately-named electric scooters unsafe, Target and other major retailers pulled them from their website and stores, and the products mysteriously went missing from Amazon’s inventory. It’s probably time to start looking for another product you can buy your niece or nephew to be considered the cool aunt or uncle without your sibling freaking out.

6. Leo Finally Won an Oscar…and the Internet Went Crazy 

After six nominations and five losses, Leonardo DiCaprio took home his first Oscar at the 88th Academy Awards (about damn time!). Many people (including us) felt it was long, long overdue, and the win quickly took over the Internet in a big way. Enjoy some of the reactions people had to Leo’s moment in the spotlight. Do you think his win was well deserved for The Revenant, or was it just his time to get the award?

7. ‘Fuller House’ is ‘Everywhere You Look’ on Facebook

Ah, the power of nostalgia. Netflix’s highly anticipated reboot of Full House, Fuller House, appears to be a smash hit. Although the streaming company doesn’t release ratings, the show was the second-most talked about series on Facebook while the theme song garnered 3.2 million views. Even though Fuller House was just barely released a week ago, it’s already been renewed for a second season. Have mercy!

8. Everything LG’s Newest Phone Can Do That the iPhone Can’t

LG is trying to step up its smartphone game by releasing the G5 phone, which comes with some pretty cool new features. You can take the phone apart to replace the battery, it has a quick-glance screen that saves pixels, the camera lens has a 135-degree field and there’s plenty more it can do that it iPhone can’t. Your move, Apple. May the odds be ever in your favor.

9. Trump Is Suddenly a Hit on Reddit

Love him or hate him, you’re talking about him. You’ve probably noticed the 2016 Presidential Election taking over social media, with GOP hopeful Donald Trump becoming a major talking point. On Reddit, Trump has the fastest growing subreddit (basically a place to go to talk about a subject) and is rapidly gaining subscribers. Bernie Sanders still has the most subscribers, but Trump is hot on his heels. With the amount of media attention these politician have gained, it’s hard to believe the election is still more than six months away.

10. For the First Time, Google Driverless Car at Fault in Crash

So there might still be some more kinks to work out. Google has been testing autonomous automobiles for a while now, and they have been in a few accidents. But this incident is the first time the driverless car appears to be at fault. Although no one was hurt, Google probably needs to tweak its programming slightly, which means we’re just that much further away from a Jetsons’-style future.

Amy Klingler | Junior Copywriter

10 Things That Happened in January that You Should Know About

We know your Facebook and Twitter feeds are constantly being flooded with stuff that you probably don’t really care about seeing. So, we put together a list of some of some pretty cool/ridiculous/unfortunate/nonsensical things that happened in the creative and pop-culture worlds last month that you might have missed that we think you should know about.

1. Netflix Is Now a ‘Global TV Network’ After Launching in 130 New Countries

Going on a European vacation? Good news…you can Netflix and Chill while you’re abroad. That’s right people, Netflix has gone global! Why the sudden expansion you ask? Well, according to Netflix’s CEO, Reed Hastings, he “dreamed of the day when the Internet would enable us to deliver TV shows and movies to the billions of people with whom we share the planet with.” We’re sure there was a monetary factor involved, but we’ll go with Hastings on this. The only downside…still no Netflix and chilling in China due to Internet restrictions. Maybe next year.

2. New feature lets students share an iPad

Apple recently released the beta of iOS 9.3 (stay tuned though…because we’re sure 9.4 is right around the corner) which is pretty awesome for the education sector because it allows for multiple user accounts on one iPad. We can all remember going to computer class in grade school and logging in to our own account. Well, now those computers are slowly but surely being replaced by iPads. Will this be a significant benefit for students? We’re not sure, but we’re excited to find out.

3. Playboy Mansion listing includes octogenarian roommate

That’s right people…the Playboy Mansion is for sale, but there is a caveat. Whoever forks up the $200 million to live out their teenage boy fantasy will have to deal with having a famous roommate. You heard that correctly, the buyer must agree to let Hef live there for the remainder of his life. Let’s be real…the man is 90 and the house has 29 bedrooms, the buyer could easily live there without ever running into Hef in the bathroom. But the real question is…if Hef stays, do the legendary parties stay as well?

4. Pokémon Will Celebrate Its 20th Anniversary With an Ad on Super Bowl 50

We all probably remember the Nintendo Gameboy Pokémon games, the cards, the TV show, the toys…from our childhood, and now they are premiering their first ever Super Bowl commercial. Unfortunately, the only detail we have for the 30-second spot is that it will encourage fans to “Train On.” Guess we’ll have to wait for February 7th for this one.

5. Google Hopes Super Bowl Advertisers Choose It Over Twitter for Real-Time Marketing

Google is hoping to steal the real-time marketing torch from Twitter this year during the Super Bowl, and if we’re being real…it shouldn’t be that hard with all the nonsense Twitter has going on over there. But what does this mean? Well…Google recently launched a a new ad format called real-time ads that lets brands trigger promos around big events like the Super Bowl and Oscars instantly, similar to how marketers use Twitter. Which is pretty rad when you think about it. Will it be successful though? We’ll have to wait and see. Let’s just hope this isn’t another Google+ flop.

6. Executive Turmoil And Turnover At Twitter

Oh Mr. Dorsey…what are we going to do with you? Your shares have already dropped 22% since the beginning of the year and we are only a month in! What do you expect to happen as a result of your heads of product, media, and engineering peacing out? We know you have a new CMO coming in, but will that be enough to stabilize Twitter? Guess we’ll find out.

7. Facebook Is Now Letting Everyone in the U.S. With an iPhone Livestream Video

Periscope, Meerkat and now Facebook…live video streaming is everywhere, and it’s been pretty successful. Video is taking over social media marketing and completely redefining the way people are consuming content. One of the really cool features of live streaming on Facebook…the ability to choose your audience before you even begin broadcasting. If utilized correctly, this could one incredible thing for brands to reach people that they couldn’t before. We’ll do some more research on this and let you know what we think.

8. This bunny beat out 7,500 other silly rabbits to become Trix’s new mascot

Out of all the silly rabbits in the world, Cinnabun is the silliest. General Mills has announced its new mascot. And he’s not just cute — he’s a real-life rabbit. GM is taking a new stab at their cereals…nixing all artificial flavors and flavors and replacing with natural ingredients! Holy moly what a concept?! Producing something made of actual food instead of red dye 27? How could they have not thought of this sooner. The big question though…what will our Lucky Charms taste like after this change?

9. Snapchat Is Slowly but Surely Letting More Brands Run Long Video Ads

Oh Snapchat…why must you do this to us? Ok, we get it…advertising equals dollars, but you were the last ad free social media platform that we actually enjoy using. We’re sorry, but we’re not going to stop our regular story viewing to watch a 90-second ad that doesn’t interest us. Stick with branded geo-filters…we love those.

10. Mattel’s Barbie Is Now Curvier, Taller and Petite

It’s about damn time Barbie got a makeover! Good job Mattel for finally giving little girls realistic body expectations. The new barbies, who will have a range of 7 skin tones, 22 eye colors and 24 hairstyles hit shelves March 1, and we cannot wait to see social media explode with reviews and complaints…because we’re sure there’s going to be at least one pissed off parent.

Emily Wincel | Social Media Strategist

10 More Things Happened This Month That You Should Know About

We know your Facebook and Twitter feeds are constantly being flooded with stuff that you probably don’t really care about seeing. So, we put together a list of some of some pretty cool/ridiculous/unfortunate/nonsensical things that happened in the creative and pop-culture worlds last month that you might have missed that we think you should know about.

Happy reading!

1. More Than 300 Workers Laid Off At Twitter

Oh, Mr. Dorsey…we know we said that we were looking forward to your changes after reclaiming your title as Twitter’s CEO, but laying off 8% of your workforce is a little aggressive don’t you think? We hope your plans for a stronger Twitter don’t go up in flames.

2. There’s a ‘Marshmallows Only’ Version of Lucky Charms, and Biz Markie Wrote a Song About It

You heard right friends…our childhood dream has finally come true! No more having to spend hours separating those delicious marshmallows from the boring cereal. But there’s a catch, General Mills only put out 10 boxes of heaven and gave them away through social media using the hashtag #Lucky10Sweepstakes. See the winning posts on Twitter using the hashtag #Lucky10.

3. After 80 Years With One Ad Shop, Land O’ Lakes Hires The Martin Agency

Talk about one hell of a break up. After deciding it was time for a creative refresh, the dairy company we all know and love has moved on to a bigger and better agency. The Richmond, Va.-based Martin Agency will handle communications planning and creative development in addition to all media-planning and -buying duties for the business. We are definitely looking forward to seeing the new creative for this well-established brand.

4. Budweiser and Miller Parent Companies Agree to Merge in $104 Billion Deal

So…does this mean more beer commercials starring adorable puppies who make us feel guilty for spending the night out instead of taking an uber home? It looks like the fourth times a charm for AB InBev. Let’s just hope they are able to obtain any regulatory clearances prior to the deal, otherwise they’ll be paying SABMiller a $3 billion fee. It is unclear how the deal would affect marketers. Both beer behemoths have recently tapped new agencies: MillerCoors selected 72andSunny earlier this month, while Budweiser enlisted Wieden + Kennedy in July.

5. Playboy’s No-Nudity Revamp Could Mean More Ad Dollars and Higher-End Brands

All good things must come to an end…one door opens another door closes…another appropriate cliché. It looks like that whole ‘I read it for the articles’ line will actually be legitimate. After shifting its focus to more Facebook-friendly lifestyle and entertainment content, Playboy’s average monthly unique visitors to its website have increased by 400 percent, and the median reader age has dropped from 47 to 30. Whether advertisers (specifically the more conservative ones) will embrace the “new” Playboy is still up for debate, but we think the odds are in their favor.

6. Apple launches emoji-filled iOS 9.1 update

Tacos, robots, unicorns…OH MY! That’s right people, the time has finally come that we will be able to use an actual taco emoji in our #TacoTuesday posts. We took a poll here at TJA and our top 5 favorites are the cool nerd guy, champs, unicorn, taco and thinking guy. We would love to hear yours. Tweet them to us at @TheJamesAgency.

7. Starbucks Is Testing Coffee Delivery to Office Workers in the Empire State Building

And now we’re totally wishing our office was in the Empire State Building. The Green Apron Delivery program allows the 12,000+ workers in the iconic building to order a coffee and have it delivered to their office door within 30 minutes. Personally, we would probably just take a quick elevator ride down to the nearest Starbucks location because waiting 30 minutes for a cappuccino is a little outrageous. But, it’s a great idea in theory, and maybe after all the kinks are worked out you can have your coffee within 20 minutes.

8. Instagram launches Boomerang, an app for 1-second videos

We kinda like this…we kinda don’t. The effect can be really cool if done well, but what benefit will a one-second video really bring to your brand? I guess we’ll just have to sit back and find out. But for now, our opinion is indifference.

9. Someone Actually Opened a Will Ferrell-Themed Bar in NYC 

Well, we know where we want to go for our next epic team building adventure. With drinks like Glass Case of Emotion (muddled rosemary and peach, whiskey, lemon juice, simple syrup) and Mugatu Mule (tequila reposado, lime, bitters, ginger beer) how could you not be moving some money around to figure out how to finance your impromptu trip to the Big Apple?

10. Adele used a flip phone in her new video and everyone flipped out

Apparently, we are a culture full of tech device snobs because when one of the most renowned artists of our time puts out an incredible new song, (the first one in 4 years mind you) all the Internet seems to care about is the fact that the video features a flip phone. Seriously, who cares. Maybe Adele just enjoys the simplicity of the flip phone. Check out the video for yourself. We’d love to know what you think.

Emily Wincel | Social Media Strategist

10 Things That Happened This Month That You Should Know About

We know your Facebook and Twitter feeds are constantly being flooded with stuff that you probably don’t really care about seeing. So, we put together a list of some of some pretty cool/ridiculous/unfortunate/nonsensical things that happened in the creative and pop-culture worlds last month that you might have missed that we think you should know about.

Happy reading!

1. Hollister Targets 19,000 High Schools with Snapchat Geofilters

Talk about the perfect way to reach your target demographic. Hollister has out done itself with this incredibly clever marketing campaign. As the first brand to use a geofilter at high schools, Hollister is winning when it comes to social media marketing. And the best part is…those high schoolers using the Friday Vibes filter probably don’t even realize the marketing genius. Kudos Hollister. Kudos.

2. American Apparel Has Officially Filed for Bankruptcy

We can’t say we’re too surprised about this one. But what does this mean now for the LA-based company? Where will we get our over priced t-shirts, mom jeans and dog hoodies now? The Chapter 11 filing does not mean that the chain will just disappear, but making up a $45 million loss from the past year is going to be difficult to bounce back from.

3. Twitter Officially Names Jack Dorsey CEO — Again

Jeez Twitter, you’re a multi-billion dollar organization for goodness sake, could you get it together already? Mr. Dorsey, who is back as Twitter’s CEO (for now anyway) says that some serious changes will be made because there are too many people that don’t know how  or why to use the ever-evolving social media platform. We look forward to your changes, Mr. Dorsey.

4. Ryan Seacrest is producing a TV show called ‘Squad Goals’

Squad goals…we all have them (well, if you’re under the age of 30), and now we can enjoy them in Ryan Seacrest’s newest project. We’re not exactly sure when the new sitcom is set to air, but we’re ready to set those DVRs ASAP.

5. These Emojis May Be On Your Phone Next Year 

The time has finally come people…WE WILL BE GETTING A TACO EMOJI! Now all you #TacoTuesday Instagrammers can finally add the perfect emojis to your captions. Also on the list, is clinking champagne glasses…which we are pretty excited about with all the celebrating we’ve got going on at TJA.

6. If You’ve Been Wanting a Pepsi-Branded Smartphone, It’s Apparently on the Way

But, unless you live in China, you can’t have it. According to MobiPicker, the branded, Android operating smartphone will debut in Beijing on October 20th. Although Pepsi has no interest in getting into the mobile phone manufacturing business, they are all about finding new ways to connect with their consumers. 

7. California Launches New Way For “Revenge Porn” Victims To Strike Back

We will never actually understand the malice and motivation behind the development of this site in the first place, but we’re very impressed with Attorney General Kamala Harris on this one and her initiative to bring awareness to a crime that many do not realize is a crime. Early this year, creator of the Revenge Porn site, Kevin Bollaert, was sentenced to 18 years in prison. But, that has not deterred people from humiliating, extorting and victimizing their ex-lovers.

8. After 4 Decades as a Billboard-Only Advertiser, Cracker Barrel Makes a Big TV Push

The country store we all know and love is FINALLY embracing the digital age. Billboards being the only source of advertising for Cracker Barrel for the past 40 years definitely worked, but it’s time for a change. With everyone staring at screens now more than ever, this is the perfect time for Cracker Barrel to shift its focus to a digital medium.

9. JetBlue Upgrades Its Flying Experience With Free Wi-Fi

JetBlue is the first to do something that we’ve all been waiting for…FREE Wi-Fi! Being one of the most underrated airlines (check their reviews…not the best), JetBlue is making a push to give passengers what they really want. Who knows…maybe they’ll even splurge for free cocktails for ALL passengers next.

10. There’s a drivable, adult version of Britain’s favorite toy car and it’s for sale

We can now all live out our childhood dream of driving our beloved red and yellow Little Tikes toy car for real. A mechanic and his brother brought their favorite toy to life in November of 2013, and only put 5,000 miles on it. Now, it can be yours for just over $33,000 on eBay.

Emily Wincel | Social Media Strategist

25 Things That Happened Last Month That You Should Know About

We know your Facebook and Twitter feeds are constantly being flooded with stuff that you probably don’t really care about seeing. So, we put together a list of some of some pretty cool/ridiculous/unfortunate/nonsensical things that happened in the creative and pop-culture worlds last month that you might have missed that we think you should know about.

Happy reading!

1. Google’s New Logo Is Its Biggest Update In 16 Years

2. McDonald’s to start all-day breakfast nationally on Oct. 6

3. How Trump is schooling Jeb on Instagram

4. Design Team Behind New Verizon Logo Says It’s Meant to Be Flexible, Not ‘Clever or Flashy’

5. Tech companies form alliance for open-source video format

6. Kylie Jenner starts anti-bullying #IAmMoreThan campaign on Instagram

7. Hipster Barbie’s Instagram is Cooler than Yours Will Ever Be

8. The Catalina Wine Mixer From “Step Brothers” Is Actually Happening

9. Facebook’s rolling out its biggest overhaul to its Pages for businesses yet

10. 16-Year-Old Chef is Opening His First Restaurant in New York City

11. This Harry Potter-Themed Bar Just Opened And It’s Positively Magical

12. The Internet Has Lost Its Damn Mind About The New Pink iPhone

13. ‘Super Mario’ creator reveals that you’ve been living a lie

14. British people’s secret confessions are being displayed in a train station

15. Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Take Over for Donald Trump as Host of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

16. The world’s largest PR firm has decided to cut ties with groups that produce coal or work to counter climate-change action

17. A Facebook Dislike button — or something like it — is coming soon

18. Aiming for a Comeback, Hpnotiq Wants You to Party Like It’s 2001

19. Minions Are Roaming The Streets Of China Selling Bananas

20. Apple might finally let you delete those pre-installed apps you don’t want

21. Nickelodeon Might Be Launching A Channel With Nothing But ’90s Cartoons

22. Facebook Now Lets Advertisers Pay Only For Fully Visible Ads

23. Japan has scrapped its 2020 Olympics logo amid allegations of plagiarism

24. Snickers Swaps Out Its Brand Name for Hunger Symptoms on Painfully Honest Packaging

25. Women are breaking down abortion stigma one tweet at a time

Emily Wincel | Social Media Strategist

In case you missed it last month…

We know your Facebook and Twitter feeds are constantly being flooded with stuff that you probably don’t really care about seeing. So, we put together a list of some of some pretty cool/ridiculous/unfortunate/nonsensical things that happened in the creative and pop-culture worlds last month that we think you should know about.

Happy reading!

1. The Pantone Cafe Serves the Colorful Meal of Your Dreams 

2. Forbes and Tinder start a small, very exclusive app for career networking 

3. After Twitter Freakout, Tinder Says it ‘Overreacted’ to Vanity Fair Article

4. Instagram has officially switched on its advertising API

5. The First New Converse All Star Design In 100 Years

6. Giant Minion Wreaks Havoc on Dublin 

7. Pornhub Says Its Premium Service Is So Incredible, You’ll Talk About It at Inappropriate Times

8. Wheaties Is Now Making Beer, for Those Who Want a Different Breakfast of Champions

9. Miller Lite is Targeting Typography-Loving Millennial Guys on Instagram

10. Target Moves Away From Gender-Based Signs 

11. Adobe is now offering up to 26 weeks of paid time off for new mothers through a combination of medical and parental leave

12. You can stay in a Leinenkugel Beer-branded Airbnb in Brooklyn or Austin for around $400 a night

13. Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush Are Having a Photoshop Battle on Twitter 

14. Coke Chooses 3 WPP Agencies for Its Next Big Global Ad Campaign

15. Now That Vertical Video Is Finally Legitimate, Creatives Need to Rethink Everything

16. Bud Light Unveils 28 Different Team-Specific Cans for NFL Fans

17. Subway Officially Cuts Ties With Jared

18. Hackers Release Details Of Ashley Madison Cheaters

19. The oldest wombat in captivity celebrates his 30th birthday on Tinder

20. The great #PlaneBreakUp of 2015 that was trending on Twitter

21. McDonald’s Denies Burger King’s Request to Create a “McWhopper” for World Peace Day

22. Facebook and Twitter’s Quick Actions Stopped Video of Virginia Shootings From Being Widely Shared 

23. Thinking Outside the Square: Support for Landscape and Portrait Formats on Instagram

24. Star Wars Shut Down This Facebook Commenter Who Wants Female Armor to Look More Ladylike  

25. Kanye West Announce that He Will Be Running For President in 2020 at the VMAs 

Emily Wincel | Social Media Strategist 

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