Bringing a legend to life.

Arizona Biltmore designed their restaurant Renata’s Hearth to embody a legendary woman—the mysterious reincarnation of a bold and creative person who lived vibrantly beyond the rules. Armed with a strong brand and unique vision, TJA was tasked with bringing this Latin restaurant experience to life.

We proudly crafted a marketing campaign that involved a meticulous social media strategy (both paid and organic social) and a wide array of public relations endeavors. Balancing the restaurant’s fresh, evolving message with the weight of Arizona Biltmore’s legacy was challenging—but resulted in a sultry, intriguing aesthetic that opened to wild success in the Valley.

The power of influence.

While TJA utilized a full suite of traditional public relations media to spread the word about Renata’s (TV, radio, print, social media), our PR efforts also included tastemaker and media/social media influencer events to showcase the restaurant’s unforgettable aesthetics and food before its public opening. These events not only boosted publicity about the opening, but it also gave Arizona Biltmore an excellent opportunity to collect honest feedback to improve on the dining experience from unbiased parties.

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By the Numbers.

6-month engagement

75 million potential PR impressions

236,460 social media impressions from May–August

1,926 IG followers gained (1,095 from May 4–June 2)

$1.5M total publicity value

63 high-impression media placements (goal exceeded by 315%)

106 tastemakers attended Renata's grand opening preview event

78 media partners attended Renata's grand opening preview event


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