10 Things That Happened This Month That You Should Know About

We know your Facebook and Twitter feeds are constantly being flooded with stuff that you probably don’t really care about seeing. So, we put together a list of some of some pretty cool/ridiculous/unfortunate/nonsensical things that happened in the creative and pop-culture worlds last month that you might have missed that we think you should know about.

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1. Hollister Targets 19,000 High Schools with Snapchat Geofilters

Talk about the perfect way to reach your target demographic. Hollister has out done itself with this incredibly clever marketing campaign. As the first brand to use a geofilter at high schools, Hollister is winning when it comes to social media marketing. And the best part is…those high schoolers using the Friday Vibes filter probably don’t even realize the marketing genius. Kudos Hollister. Kudos.

2. American Apparel Has Officially Filed for Bankruptcy

We can’t say we’re too surprised about this one. But what does this mean now for the LA-based company? Where will we get our over priced t-shirts, mom jeans and dog hoodies now? The Chapter 11 filing does not mean that the chain will just disappear, but making up a $45 million loss from the past year is going to be difficult to bounce back from.

3. Twitter Officially Names Jack Dorsey CEO — Again

Jeez Twitter, you’re a multi-billion dollar organization for goodness sake, could you get it together already? Mr. Dorsey, who is back as Twitter’s CEO (for now anyway) says that some serious changes will be made because there are too many people that don’t know how  or why to use the ever-evolving social media platform. We look forward to your changes, Mr. Dorsey.

4. Ryan Seacrest is producing a TV show called ‘Squad Goals’

Squad goals…we all have them (well, if you’re under the age of 30), and now we can enjoy them in Ryan Seacrest’s newest project. We’re not exactly sure when the new sitcom is set to air, but we’re ready to set those DVRs ASAP.

5. These Emojis May Be On Your Phone Next Year 

The time has finally come people…WE WILL BE GETTING A TACO EMOJI! Now all you #TacoTuesday Instagrammers can finally add the perfect emojis to your captions. Also on the list, is clinking champagne glasses…which we are pretty excited about with all the celebrating we’ve got going on at TJA.

6. If You’ve Been Wanting a Pepsi-Branded Smartphone, It’s Apparently on the Way

But, unless you live in China, you can’t have it. According to MobiPicker, the branded, Android operating smartphone will debut in Beijing on October 20th. Although Pepsi has no interest in getting into the mobile phone manufacturing business, they are all about finding new ways to connect with their consumers. 

7. California Launches New Way For “Revenge Porn” Victims To Strike Back

We will never actually understand the malice and motivation behind the development of this site in the first place, but we’re very impressed with Attorney General Kamala Harris on this one and her initiative to bring awareness to a crime that many do not realize is a crime. Early this year, creator of the Revenge Porn site, Kevin Bollaert, was sentenced to 18 years in prison. But, that has not deterred people from humiliating, extorting and victimizing their ex-lovers.

8. After 4 Decades as a Billboard-Only Advertiser, Cracker Barrel Makes a Big TV Push

The country store we all know and love is FINALLY embracing the digital age. Billboards being the only source of advertising for Cracker Barrel for the past 40 years definitely worked, but it’s time for a change. With everyone staring at screens now more than ever, this is the perfect time for Cracker Barrel to shift its focus to a digital medium.

9. JetBlue Upgrades Its Flying Experience With Free Wi-Fi

JetBlue is the first to do something that we’ve all been waiting for…FREE Wi-Fi! Being one of the most underrated airlines (check their reviews…not the best), JetBlue is making a push to give passengers what they really want. Who knows…maybe they’ll even splurge for free cocktails for ALL passengers next.

10. There’s a drivable, adult version of Britain’s favorite toy car and it’s for sale

We can now all live out our childhood dream of driving our beloved red and yellow Little Tikes toy car for real. A mechanic and his brother brought their favorite toy to life in November of 2013, and only put 5,000 miles on it. Now, it can be yours for just over $33,000 on eBay.

Emily Wincel | Social Media Strategist

Things That Happened Last Month That You Should Know About
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