Dazzle Dry

Ethereal Glow

Dazzle Dry

Ethereal Glow

Manicure Dreamscapes

As Dazzle Dry envisioned the launch of their Ethereal Glow collection, TJA stepped in ready to help the leading nail lacquer brand weave a visual tapestry that highlighted each color’s unique qualities and captured the magic of a dream. With color names like Celestial Dreams, Kaleidoscope, Stargazer, Moonlight and Northern Lights, it was essential that the hues danced through our lenses and created a spectacle that resonated with viewers.

Video, Photography, Design, Copy

Shining Display

Filming video optimized for the vertical aspect ratio of Instagram Reels, paired with new camera lenses, lighting techniques, and editing styles, allowed us to not only bring the concept to life but also expand our creative skill set. The focus on showcasing each lacquer’s unique qualities—leveraging glitter, prisms, and light beams—made this final new color set launch of 2023 an immersive symphony of colors. This attention-grabbing project not only stopped viewers in their tracks but also propelled Ethereal Glow Mini Flight sales to soaring heights.

Visit dazzledry.com to check out the dreamy collection!

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Northern Arizona University

In the expansive world of higher education, Northern Arizona University (NAU) sought to go beyond conventional media tactics. Seeking a partner, they turned to TJA to engage high school students, community college transfers, online learners, parents and community members. The challenge: create a media mix excluding common digital ad forms while effectively reaching underserved students in rural Arizona. Tracking out-of-home (OOH) metrics presented hurdles, spurring innovative solutions—our specialty!

For eighteen months, we immersed ourselves in groundbreaking research, collaborating with external vendors for qualitative, quantitative and values-based insights. What unfolded was not just a campaign but a transformative merger of data-driven precision and creative storytelling.

Media Strategy & Management, Third-Party Research, Creative Campaign

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