Northern Arizona University

Bridging Emotion & Education

Northern Arizona University

Bridging Emotion & Education

A Media Odyssey

In the expansive world of higher education, Northern Arizona University (NAU) sought to go beyond conventional media tactics. Seeking a partner, they turned to TJA to engage high school students, community college transfers, online learners, parents and community members. The challenge: create a media mix excluding common digital ad forms while effectively reaching underserved students in rural Arizona. Tracking out-of-home (OOH) metrics presented hurdles, spurring innovative solutions—our specialty!

For eighteen months, we immersed ourselves in groundbreaking research, collaborating with external vendors for qualitative, quantitative and values-based insights. What unfolded was not just a campaign but a transformative merger of data-driven precision and creative storytelling.

Media Strategy & Management, Third-Party Research, Creative Campaign
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Crafting Moments

Distilling key insights into themes, we uncovered a gap in higher education—lacking emotion-first messaging. Thus, the “Moments” campaign was born, creatively filling this void. To engage underserved students in rural Arizona, we connected with small communities. We uncovered opportunities within their sub-communities, crafting a unique media mix that defied conventions and resonated with those often overlooked. 

The result? Despite tracking challenges for OOH placements, our media placements for the fiscal year resonated statewide, amassing 103 million impressions. Direct traffic engagement grew by 6.77% YoY, while organic search sessions soared by an impressive 84.5% YoY, surpassing our 4.50% goal.

Imagine the impact with a glimpse into our “Moments” campaign.

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