Guaranteed Rate Bowl

Guaranteed Rate Bowl

A Game with a New Name.

At the end of 2020, TJA was elated to debut the Guaranteed Rate Bowl to the college football world, a new title sponsor under their belt. In a year where the sporting world was in constant flux, TJA relished the opportunity to craft a strong, energetic campaign that paid homage to the sponsor’s brand. While the outcome of college football games can be unpredictable and wild, bowl game showdowns are always a sight to behold—in essence, “football action is guaranteed”.

However, football isn’t immune to irony. With bowl-eligible teams electing to not participate in bowl season due to Covid-19 and Selection Sunday quickly approaching, the outcome became clear: the 2020 Guaranteed Rate Bowl would be cancelled. Although disappointing, the TJA team was delighted to construct this invigorating campaign and bring it to market, establishing the brand for its future events.




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