Sedona Mago

A Digital Retreat

Sedona Mago

A Digital Retreat

Serenity Redefined

When Sedona Mago sought a digital transformation to reflect the tranquility of their retreats, TJA took the lead. Our mission? Craft a website that not only mirrors the quality of the on-property experience but also provides an online haven for seamless, stress-free retreat bookings. With a visually stunning homepage and revitalized programs page, the website now exudes a more modernized, simplistic and timeless feel.

The addition of a calendar functionality enables users to effortlessly view all retreats in one space, contributing to an overall improved site design and functionality. Our collaboration with the Sedona Mago team has successfully brought peace to the digital realm.

Creative, Website Design, Paid Media

Harmony by Design

Collaborating closely with the Sedona Mago team, our web and creative teams translated their vision, reimagining the retreat landing page for easy navigation and improving site-wide functionality. We elevated the aesthetic with high-quality images, textures and colors inspired by the beauty of Sedona itself, crafting a tranquil and immersive online experience. Our paid media efforts drove visitors to the site, ensuring a streamlined journey that not only boosted registration conversions but also propelled Sedona Mago toward its annual retreat registration goals. 

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Dazzle Dry Ethereal Glow

As Dazzle Dry envisioned the launch of their Ethereal Glow collection, TJA stepped in ready to help the leading nail lacquer brand weave a visual tapestry that highlighted each color’s unique qualities and captured the magic of a dream. With color names like Celestial Dreams, Kaleidoscope, Stargazer, Moonlight and Northern Lights, it was essential that the hues danced through our lenses and created a spectacle that resonated with viewers.

Video, Photography, Design, Copy

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