Source Global

Hydropanel R3
Product Launch

Source Global

Hydropanel R3
Product Launch

Making a Splash

When SOURCE Global, a trailblazer in renewable drinking water solutions, came to us with a project to increase awareness and sales of their new hydropanel R3, our team was ready to dive right in.

Creative, Video, Photography, Website Design, Paid Media, Messaging
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A Refreshing Start

Our creative, web and paid media team created a ripple effect when it came to this project. The paid media team made sure every drop of ad spend counted, creative produced content that bubbled with energy and the web team jumped in to create a website destined to make lasting change.

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Phoenix Children’s Foundation

Altruism, activism, community support, heroism. These were just a few of the themes we kept at heart while designing this uplifting campaign for Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation. To inspire the heroic act of donating and supporting children in need, we crafted a message that focused on the courage and strength the kids at Phoenix Children’s show every day: “Be a hero to a hero”. The campaign champions these brave children who fight the villains that are their illnesses—not because they choose to, but because they must.

Strategy, Media Strategy & Buying, Creative, Social Media, Video, Video Production

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