Spinato’s Pizzeria

The Secret Sauce

Spinato’s Pizzeria

The Secret Sauce

A Piz-za the Puzzle

From crust to customer, Spinato's took a slice at success with us to bring them some saucy marketing moves. From a complete website redesign and a comprehensive paid media campaign to a fresh new brand image, the results were as hot as their signature sauces and handmade pizzas.

Public Relations, Social Media, Event Planning, Package Design, Signage Design

Kneading into Customer's Hearts

Spinato’s brand refresh and new website design had customers falling head over heels. Through meticulous enhancement to the website’s user interface, a strategic paid media campaign and a complete brand refresh, this marketing strategy was a true artistry, topping the charts with increased online orders and website visits.

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SanTan Brewing Company

As craft beer industry was on the brink of mainstream popularity, we decided to give it the bird. With a decade of canning proprietary Southwestern Style Ales under their belt, SanTan Brewing Company needed to raise above the clutter. The brand was rooted in DIY, punk ethics and knew what got them to where they were wouldn't take them into the future. That's where TJA came in.

Brand Development, Product Design

Santan Brewing Company Beers

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