It’s An Election Year…So Why Does That Matter For Your Marketing?

It’s that time again — campaign signs are popping up, debates are right around the corner and the national conversation is buzzing with political intensity. But wait… You’re a marketer, not a political strategist! While the upcoming election might not be your primary focus, here at The James Agency, we know it shouldn’t be ignored. […]

Your email start up guide

"""Start up a successful email campaign with the James Agency's comprehensive email start up guide. Learn proven tips to maximize your ROI and reach customers where it counts!"

Back to basics: How to get started with email marketing An intro on how to use email to your advantage. We have written a lot about the importance of using email to connect with your customers in “4 ways to jumpstart your email marketing” and “Our strategy to win over your customers,” but have you […]

4 ways to jumpstart your email marketing

4 ways to jumpstart your email marketing

Emails are magic. They are digital marketing’s secret weapon. They are the Holy Grail, Excalibur and Merlin’s beard all rolled into one. Except emails are real and you don’t need to be King Arthur to wield their power. According to Campaign Monitor, email marketing can bring up to a 4400% return on investment if it […]

Your brand’s digital presence is more important now than ever before

digital presence

“I want to be where the people are” I think everybody can relate to The Little Mermaid these days; we all want to be where the people are. Thankfully, conversations surrounding COVID-19 are finally turning toward recovery. However, even as the world reopens, the effects of the quarantine will be lasting and businesses need to […]

Considerations for collaborations: How to make unique brands work together.

Marketing is a group activity. However, branding is often created and deployed in a silo. There are some external considerations of course—industry trends, competitor sets, etc.—but beyond that, brand development is not a decision that necessarily needs to be “coordinated” with anything outside of the company. Even nested organizations or those under the same ownership […]

How does GDPR affect Arizona businesses?

"Find out how the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) affects Arizona businesses and what you can do to protect your business. The James Agency has all the answers!"

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed a swell of, “We’ve made updates to our privacy policy” emails and in-app notifications. These emails are businesses attempting to become compliant with the updated General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which went into effect across the European Union on May 25, 2018. Due to an […]

Our Strategy to Win Over Your Customers

"Our strategy to win over your customers is comprehensive and efficient. Learn more about how The James Agency can help you maximize ROI and build long-term customer relationships."

Email marketing is the most effective and profitable way to connect with your audience. There, we said it. WHY? According to Marketo, checking email is the #1 activity on the internet. Using a search engine is #2. People are constantly scanning their inboxes, looking for the most relevant items to read. Email has grown and […]

How to Write the Perfect Subject Line

How to Write the Perfect Subject Line

Email. It takes up so much real estate in our professional lives. There are even podcasts dedicated to it, teaching us how to wrangle it, tame it, understand it. As a marketing agency, we’re both senders and receivers of a massive amount of email—personal and promotional. We have developed a nose for what makes an […]

Google Introduces AMP for Email

AMP for Email

This month, Google announced a revolutionary step forward in email marketing. They are bringing their Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) to email. With the announcement, they released AMP for email examples created by several of their preferred partners and general documentation. There are still many questions on this new form of email, but we have […]

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