How to improve your website’s user experience

User experience is a major component of whether your site delivers what your visitors want. How they feel when they interact with your site impacts how knowledgeable they’ll be after seeking out information, and how willing they are to convert. In this blog, we are going to cover easy things to audit and update in […]

Three things a luxury brand isn’t (and one thing it always should be).

What we talk about when we talk about luxury. Luxury brand marketing is a vague concept when you stop to think about it. What does “luxury” even mean? How do you encapsulate it visually? More importantly, in this age of omnichannel branding, how do you convey the value of luxury through a digital experience? When […]

WordPress: An Introduction to Gutenberg

Back when it was first introduced in 2003, WordPress was created as a tool for the new phenomenon known as “blogging.” The platform is now used for everything from small and large business websites, to e-commerce and even complex web applications. Many of the web’s most popular websites (including this one) are built using the […]

7 Quick fixes to optimize a cluttered website for conversions

The fact that you are here shows you have already taken a big step in the process to fix your website design or landing page. Recognizing you have a busy, cluttered, non-optimized website is the first step to fixing the problem. Now, what should you do about it? Start by reviewing your page or site […]

How To Make a Rich Media Ad In Google Web Designer

In my first Google Web Designer post, we went through a basic introduction into the program as well as the step-by-step process for creating a simple animated ad. This time we are going to get a little more in-depth and walk through the creation of an expandable display ad. Moving away from standard display advertising, […]