How To Get Your Face On A Billboard

According to Texas A&M’s 2013 annual mobility study, the average Phoenician spends roughly 35 hours in traffic per year – not including their normal commute. Although that is not the best news for you and me as a commuter, it is great for business owners and advertisers. More traffic means more impressions, which means more bodies through the door, clicks on a website and swipes of the credit card. However, it is much more involved than slapping together some artwork and having a crew paste it on a billboard for all to view.

The TJA media team has spent countless hours developing relationships with the media outlets responsible for running those billboards. These relationships have given us great buying power and inside knowledge on the best performing boards in your city. Our process begins with understanding your target demographic, intended message to be delivered, and the proximity of billboards to your business – if it is a brick and mortar building. Once the locations of the board are determined and the contract is locked in, the fun begins.

1. Keep It Short & Sweet 

Six seconds has been determined to be the industry standard for a consumer to read a billboard while driving. Remember, you’re asking a driver to take their focus off the road – so don’t make them squint to read lines and lines of small copy. As an agency, ensure the best practices of outdoor advertising are applied to your creative. Once the campaign is determined, the billboard message is developed, along with a call to action that gets implemented into the design.

2. Say What You Mean & Mean What You Say

The billboard should be free of clutter, have a clear message, use fonts that are easy to read and colors that have good contrast. The worst thing you can do is expect your billboard to have the same information as a print or digital ad. It just isn’t feasible or effective. With a properly constructed message, you will be reaping the rewards of outdoor advertising in no time.

3. Traffic Time

Once we have the perfect billboard design created, it then gets sent to our rep at the media outlet. They then keep us updated on the status of your project on their end – all while you sit back and don’t worry about a thing. The rep sends us a proof to review and approve before it goes to print, or gets uploaded if it is a digital board. Once approved, your board goes up for all to see.

Bryan Zavala | Traffic Coordinator

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