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The realm is filled with many a great marketing firm, but it was TJA that made a noble alliance with Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Scottsdale. The entertainment company engaged with TJA’s public relations team to introduce the 10th and newest Medieval Times castle to Arizona residents.

Construction delays and a shifting opening date made it impossible to set a firm announcement date. TJA was able to prepare all of the pertinent press materials beforehand and manage the media’s expectations to make the biggest splash once they got the green light to announce.

TJA announced Medieval Times Scottsdale’s August 2 opening on August 1, and thanks to the PR team’s preparedness, secured nearly 5 million impressions and more than 30 media hits across 20 local outlets. TJA also garnered nearly 150,000 social media impressions for Medieval Times Scottsdale through 11 influencer partnerships.



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