Google analytics audit

Last year we published the blog “So you installed Google Analytics. Now what?” This audit guide will reference some of the items covered in that blog, as well as some additional tips and tricks to make sure your Google Analytics account is set up to track your business’ success. Google Analytics is set up in […]

5 things you have to do before shooting a brand video to make it a success.

Everything that comes before “Lights, camera, action!” Creating a brand video is the ultimate creative project. Storytelling harmonizes with videography to become a money-making, movie-quality video the client gets to splash across their website, paid media and social media platforms. However, there’s more to creating a film than storyboarding and day-of shoots; myriad decisions that […]

So you installed Google Analytics. Now what?

Five easy(-ish) things to do to get better, useable data from Google Analytics. It is not enough to simply put Google Analytics on your website and check that box saying you are tracking how users are interacting with the site. You have to think about why your site exists: are you a restaurant and want […]

Writing for SEO strategy: When an algorithm is your audience

Google Analytics

The way you write is more important than you think What are you trying to accomplish when you set out to write a blog post, a homepage or any other piece of content for your website? Attract more visitors, get more customers, provide insight on your subject matter, sure. But your writing is also engaging […]